Monday, August 10, 2009

Don't Fish in My Sea by Ma Rainey

Whale Wars!

I stumbled upon this intriguing series... literally
I'd had a couple of bottles of wine, bottles? glasses?
I do, hazily recall, pouring wine from a bottle into a glass, pouring wine from a bottle into a glass, pouring wine from a bottle into a glass...
I was arsing around with On Demand at some point, having poured a glass of wine, when Whale Wars appeared, like Magic it was!.
I don't know if any of you have seen the show, if not, I have no intention of giving an "in depth" account. See me going all nautical there?
Suffice to say it's about a bunch of Wackos, collectively known as the Sea Shepherds. They are on a boat, somewhere feckin FREEZING, trying to stop Japanese Whaling Ships from killing Whales.
All very commendable. Yes?

I'm all about saving animals, it's pretty much what I do.
I saved two of my horses from a life of eternal catatonia.
Two more, who had just been given up on and the last one would have been on a plate in a French Restaurant for sure had I not paid the princely sum of $650 for her.
Both of my dogs are rescues.
Banjo from the pound and Fiddle from some spaced out,aging, Wiccan Wifie, who had fed him so much the poor wee bugger could barely walk.
So you see, animals play a huge part in my life and if I could, I would save them all.

BIG FECKIN FISH? ( I know, I know they're mammals and all that )
Mental is what it is...
Fish are Fishy Fer Feck SAKE!
To sign a waiver, stating that you are "aware you may DIE" trying to save FISH?
I just do not get it...
So I'll shut up and settle down to watch the next episode, it's really rather good.


Mike said...

I don't have cable like you rich folk but it is available on the net.

Maybe I'll watch it. Or not.

fiona said...

Mike - rich? me? lol I'm horse poor!
Watch it if you please, just DO NOT sign up! ;0)

lacochran said...

Discovery channel? You've been hanging out with Narm too long, Darlin'. He's rubbing off on you.

But saving animals? You have a place in heaven because of it. :)

AbbotOfUnreason said...

I hear that whales make excellent pets. Except for the ones made out of fudge. Those can't be domesticated.

Bilbo said...

Isn't it odd that we have people so dedicated to saving whales, snail darters, spotted owls, and what-have-you...and yet we don't have anyone worried about saving people in garden spots like Darfur? Hmmm...perhaps if they had fins and sang...?

Mike said...

I keep checking in. I figure you're not posting because we either pissed you off or you're having a rough time with life right now. I hope we haven't pissed you off. .... WAIT ....

Wv: boratine - A new drink made from borax.