Saturday, August 8, 2009

All Summer "LONG" by Kid Rock

It's August.
My pendulous breasts are swinging and slapping as normal, so nothing new there.
Thanks MIKE darlin!
What a feckin summer this has been!
No thats not right and is just asking for a Mike/Bilbo/John/LA smart "bum" comment! Rephrase * What a Summer this has feckin been!
There, I think thats better...time will tell.
I apologise for not being my usual "ardent blog reader" and promise to try and catch up asap!
Following many a schizophrenic episode, I concluded that if I were a writer, I could come in here and excuse myself as having had writers block.
Since I am not a writer and only punt out twaddle, I have to say I have been suffering from Twaddle Block!
Does that read better as one word?
Lets see shall we?
I LIKE that! A new cuss word perhaps?
Go feck yerself TWADDLEBLOCK!
Oh yes! I feel the Twaddle rushing to the surface, even as I type furiously with both index fingers.
Twaddle is not easy, a brain, even one cell, totally disturbs it's natural, random, growth.
As Summer nears it's conclusion and my brain shuts down for Fall, Winter and Spring, a veritable influx of Twaddle is rising, rising into the cavity where once reigned sanity.
Holy humping badgers, I'm even becoming Poetic!
Who knows where this may lead?
Assume crash position people!


Bilbo said...

If it's swinging and slapping you want, you could always just stick with square dancing...

Mike said...

Position assumed!

LiLu said...

Missed you, lady friend. :-)

lacochran said...

"Assume crash position people!"

If this is the end, can we at least spoon?

(Glad to see you resuming your twaddle punting. My that *does* sound dirty.)

fiona said...

Bilbo - If I square danced there WOULD be boobie casualties...ty so much for the house pic ;0)
Mike - Lovely bum! lol
Lilu - TY sweetie...ditto!
LA - Mike is ready and waiting, spoon away darlin!

fiona said...

Oh AND Twaddle punting is my forte!

Gilahi said...

I thought a twaddleblock was some kind of S&M sex toy.

fiona said...

Gilahi - Indeed...;0)