Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 10 then zebras,horses and truth

Day 10 "Checkin in ,checkin out checkin in" had become Scoot's new mantra. Into the new cottage and delighted. I had been a bit worried about this one as the photos showed some pretty "far out" interior design but we had a budget to work within and it was the best I could manage. Turns out to be really quite nice and talk about location,location,location. Front door, wee road to cross to the beach. Gorgeous.
Took a short trip around the East Neuk which comprises of quaint little fishing villages then stopped into The Lundin Links Hotel for high tea. Wouldn't recommend it all frozen and/or microwaved. We had intended to have Fish Suppers in Anstruther but the queue was out the door and we were all starving. Oh well...
Our neighbours just got back from Safari yesterday and their kid was all fired up about Zebras so I showed WT and him the Parelli DVD regarding flight lines and flight paths Zebras and all. They loved it, well not the part where old uncle Zeb becomes the lions entree but the fact that nature gives chances. A lesson for us all methinks. I also explained to them why "hide the hinney" makes sense to a horse and works with it's natural responses. Gee I just love this stuff and happily so did the kids.
Lessons this morning with my Girlfriend and one of her kids. WT came along and was delighted when one of my barn buddies offered up her old horse for WT to ride. She did a great job! It's taken a while but at last one of my brood is actually beginning to enjoy and delight in our passion.
Old nine fingers was round last night for a haircut. The things I do in the name of friendship! All up and happy so that was good.
Oh,oh,oh almost forgot.
I'm in the yard, bikini, book, happyish when one of my best buddies arrives pfft... suffice to say that within a matter of hours she's telling me I'm a wreck and have I considered checking myself into a nut house because I "really" could use professional help! What a GOOD friend huh? LOL She's so honest it's not even funny.I need to train her in the art of "wee white lies" otherwise I'm gonna slap her with a wet fish!
We have decided to take a Language course together in the Fall which should be a blast. Then I can cuss at her in more languages. You've got to love the girl!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sock it to me

This Tuesday morning finds me still feeling quite rough around the edges. At least I slept last night. Nausea and flu like symptoms still lurking under my brave facade. Things to do, places to be, meals to cook and the usual Alpine laundry heap to be mountaineered every day.
I decided the other day, to clean out my overly massive walk in wardrobe.
It's full of thrift store buys, which have invaded my space, like ants on a seemingly innocent soda stain.
I managed to wade through socks and gave up sweaty ( oops that's not right! remember Miss Jean Brody, horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glow) glowing and irritable.
I never realised how many pairs of socks I had, it's quite ridiculous. I've been rotating the same few pairs for years, holey toes and heels, feeling quite sorry for myself as work boots rub off the pretty dragonflies my nail lady so patiently painted on, Only to find a plethora of "whole" new socks lurking in the bowels of my sock, junk, drawer.
The whole socks now have a new home in a pretty natural fibre basket, we'll see how long that lasts.
I have a love/hate relationship with my wardrobe. Every time I shop I love what I buy. Then I go to get dressed and find that I have nothing to wear. How can this be ? Clothes aplenty but never what I'm looking for. I would refer to it as a mid life crisis but heck I should be well over that kind of nonsense by now. I think perhaps that the image of me in my "shopping" mind bares no significance to my actual everyday life. I have bought around 8 really cute dresses with shoes to match recently, why?
Home from the ranch exhausted, glowing, stinking, with holey sock ankle ring marks ( you know when you've had your socks on all day, take them off and look down at the indents around your ankles, which in my case take hours to disappear, maybe I'm retaining fluid? shit) shower and think "oh why don't I slip into a little sexy frock" ankle indents and all.
What a load of codswallop!
Wow, there's a great word for you and one I've never used for years, just popped into my head right now. Amazing how even my addlepated brain can maintain it's resourcefulness and ping a retained word or phrase when you least expect it and most need it.
Oh anyway I'm away waffling again. What I need desperately are some comfy sweats and a snugly t-shirt. Do I possess such a thing? Nope. Do I think the same thing every single time I come back from the Ranch (which is approx 5 days a week) Yep. Why then do I walk past sweats and T's with an air of disdain right along to cutie tight tops, tight jeans and slinky frocks? .
Writing this has got me really thinking, a bit of self analysing going on. I'm a slob at work so I want to be a lady when I get home? I live my life in boots and jeans and don't want to exchange them for sweats and T's? Oh the complexity of the subconscious.
I have no intention of putting myself in Therapy only to find out I'm right, not me, I'm going to go and buy what I need not what I want, of course if I happen to see any nice frocks along the way...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Day9 Who knew it was time for some Holiday cheer?

Day 9, All packed and ready to move from our delightful wee cottage to a considerably larger one on Day 10. Loaded up luggage and kids and off to mum2 around 9 a.m. Sad to be leaving such a great place but needs must and all that good stuff. Have to say I would recommend it to anyone visiting Scotland. the cottage is actually owned by a Canadian couple ( he's a doctor) who emigrated there around seven years ago. They live in a larger house in the village and let the cottage. We were emailing back and forward for weeks before we left and they were quite delightful and more than accommodating as we had funky arrivals departures etc. It was also very reasonable at $900 for five people for eight nights.
Dropped off luggage and then me and the kids off to my mums for the day, to much to ask them to make another trip to Edinburgh and allowed me much needed time with my mum. Sex bomb headed off to the airport to return the car and pick up a bigger one and to pick up our friends who were arriving around noonish.
A few hours later everyone was crammed into my mums wee tiny house for initial introductions and welcomes then off to mum2 for dinner and bed.
Mum 2 her usual "charming" self, decided to entertain our new guests by bringing out all of her "musical animated" Christmas thingies, you know the sort of thing, Homer Simpson flashing his butt singing friggin Jingle Bells! oh yes nothing but good taste in THAT house.
I was bluddy mortified. The girls, ditto. The sex bomb absconded in excruciating embarrassment and Scoot resigned himself to slamming the door on us. When she started describing her newly acquired fibre optic Christmas tree, making her way towards the door ( I just knew she was going to set the friggin thing up) I was forced to intervene. Had some great Chinese food for dinner, a few drinks to numb the pain brought on by the array of Holiday Toys then off to bed with "Jingle Bells" ringing in my ears.
Thankfully our friends were most tolerant and understanding, not that there's much you can say or do when Homers' ass is shoved in your face by a manically cackling, midget granny ( she's only 4ft 10") Thanks to them both though for keeping a straight face! I do wonder though if after having been on the go for 24hrs + they thought they were hallucinating, all I can say is I wish to hell they had been. Welcome to Scotland!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Road Rage

I'm so annoyed!
No-one thought to tell me that while I was gone a new Law was introduced?
No talking on cell phones while driving. Has this country gone even more berserk?
Do the powers that be think it's ok for 'bimbos" to slap on a full face of "warpaint" whilst doing 75 on the freeway?
I've seen it, with my own two eyes, on many occasions as they zoom past me (I never do more than 45) vanity mirror down , putting on lipstick! Oh well THAT'S safe.
Or how about having three feral children it the back seat, screaming , throwing random punches and kicking the drivers seat as they try to land a left hook on their siblings chin. Oh well THAT'S safe.
Most importantly though how the hell will I be able to talk to anyone ever again?
The car is my sanctuary as well as my office! I'm going to loose friends and business. I have no time in my day to "pull over" to chat and no I don't want one of those things stuck in my ear to allow me to be hands free!
Speaking of which, how about driving with a Starbucks in one hand whilst juggling a Subway in the other. Oh well THAT'S safe.
How oh how will the country function if all safety issues are addressed?
Women at work sans make-up, no kids at school (or anywhere else for that matter out with walking distance) and a thirsty, ravenous populace who will be forced to eat and drink all day in the workplace (production down to zero) because they can't do it on the move.
Maybe if bad driving, bad manners and bad eyesight were addressed the RTA's would drop considerably.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 8 Maudlin Movies

Day 8 the last day in our cottage.
The American Connection arriving next day so having to move to a bigger location.
All good to go, except for the fact that the sex bomb totally blew the reservations and we have nowhere to sleep 7 of us on Day9!
Thank heavens for mums. Sex bombs mum offered us her place and since it's either that or a Hotel we gladly took her up on it. My mum lives in a tiny wee one bed roomed seniors house so no luck there sadly.
Spent the day picking up bits and pieces for our new arrivals and visiting with the mums, Aund and one of my Aunts.
My Aunt has been like a second mum to me my whole life and has knew me long before I knew myself.
She was the only person in our street with a cine-camera and used to film EVERYTHING.
Turns out she had all of the cine-film put onto video a few years back to we settled down to watch the movies. What a show.
Mum and Dad, me at 2,3,4,5 etc my Grannie and all the people I grew up with just as I remember them. It was quite a step back in time and a very touching,happy/sad, mentally challenging place to be. I was quite drained.
Back to the cottage early to pack as check-out 10a.m.
I have no idea how we managed to accumulate so much stuff in 8 days! Cases refusing to be closed, plastic bags by the gazillion, toiletries and cleaning products beyond avarice ( how dirty did my mum think we were?)
Packed the car with one load to take to mum2 as there was no way it was all going to fit in the morning and we didn't want to be rushed. Off goes the sex bomb with the first shipment looking to all intents like Pa bluddy Clampit!
Upon his return took a walk along the beach (well that particular beach) for the last time.
Weather held up beautifully for the whole 8 days with the exception of our trip across the border but what else would you expect?

Tadding along this week busier than usual with WT in dance camp. She needed "costumes" for the big performance tomorrow and as luck would have it Scoots' school is having "fun week" this week.
You know it kills me when the kids come home with lists of things to wear/dress up in and at the bottom it always says " please do not purchase anything, items found around the home are fine" WTF? am I missing something or do all "homes" contain chefs hats, boys age 12 Hawaiian Shirts ( scoot has never worn a Hawaiian shirt in his life) sun visors, leis, oh heck the list goes on. Thrift store here I come!
Took The Child Iseult riding this week and going again today. She really enjoyed it, the 1:1 maybe more so than the actual riding but at least she went to the Ranch so that's a breakthrough.
The sex bomb has stayed true to his word and cooked Mz Childs' "Coq au Vin" for dinner the other night, took about 4 hours with a 4 hour cleanup afterwords BUT the meal was delicious and well worth the effort. Go Julia and the sex bomb.
Still a few, now sad, turnips lurking in my gorgeous veg basket...any takers?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 7 Wailing Wall Woes

Day 7 finds us steeped in Roman History.
In particular Hadrian's Wall. One of three such structures built by the Romans to keep out the raiding Picts (our, well my, ancestors) they couldn't or wouldn't conquer us so decided to build some walls to keep us the hell out...kinda cute huh?
Let's face it the poor buggers had come from sunny Italia to the damp,dank, sodden, Pict infested land of "Caledonia" which served no economic use and really was only fit for sheep as the English, (Booooo) realised centuries later. I hate having to give credit to the sassenachs.
Early start as the wall is in England, huh, well it would be wouldn't it given that "they" moved the border! More of that tirade to be discussed at another time.
Off we jolly well go!
Scoot in charge of the map, he's amazing with directions, daughter 2 ( now to be referred to as the "wee thespian" I'll use WT for short) WT high as a kite about the whole trip having watched "King Arthur" a couple of weeks prior. The Child Iseult however was not a happy day tripper, at all, as follows:-
"Whadda ya mean we're going to see a wall?"
"Sweetie it's a Roman Wall"
"Well it's famous"
"How long are we going to be in the car?"
Sex bomb and I glance nervously at each other.
"Oh, only about 4 or five hours"
"WHAT? Five hours in the car to go look at some dumb BRICKS" shrieking now.
"But they're bricks laid by the Romans darling"
Not a good start to the day, sulked all the way to the border. The border (the one the "you know who's" moved) turned out to be quite a laugh (which even Miss Grumpy AKA The Child Iseult) joined in with. We parked the car in England and ran back 10 feet to have our photos taken in Scotland then reversed the car back to Scotland to have our pics taken in England this went on for some time (in the pouring rain) until we were all so wet we had to load back up and continue our now perilous journey into foreign parts.
Sheep everywhere. I had a notion to "set them free" it's the Willy Wallace in my blood! I had it all planned, wait until dusk... kids not impressed with my terrorist sheep freeing plan AT ALL.
Sex bomb quite happy to go along with it though! Dat's ma boy!
Another 45 mis or so and we start seeing signs for "The Wall". The Child Iseult starts up again, whining in her best Californian high pitched, nasal and infuriating voice.
"Oh look! there it is " say I pointing at a field with a somewhat irregular, undulating landscape.
"Wow, so it is " agrees the sex bomb.
"Where where?" The Child Iseult.
"Look at the landscape sweetie and imagine a wall"
Now she's totally loosing it while we start busting up. We are SUCH bad parents! It was funny though I don't care who you are. She eventually saw the funny side just as we arrived at the Fort.
Took our time investigating the baths and the barracks along with the beautiful setting, lot to be said for Roman aesthetics.
Back in the car and heading along the Wall on our homeward journey. WT hungry as usual with Scoot and The Child Iseult making noises about not having eaten since breakfast. Hell with the lot of them after ridiculing my "picnic"!
The sex bomb and I both adamant that we will not encourage the English economy by spending money there, so they will have to wait until we are over the border before we buy food. This stand met with much complaint.
We stuck to our guns and stopped for tea ( that would be dinner) at a really good Chinese Restaurant in Gallashiels NORTH of the border.
Observation :- Quite clear to us for the first time that the children, The Child Iseult in particular, really had no idea how much "tension?" still exists between Scotland and England. Got their eyes opened to the seriousness of the situation when we refused to fill their bellies though. lol
Arrived at the cottage around 10p.m. Long day, worth it? For us yes, the kids? wouldn't recommend it for early pubescent teens, no way, no how.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Reading with a little Thermage flung in

Just popped in to share some summer reading:-

Old Filth by Jane Gardam ( loving this author )
Faith Fox by Jane Gardam ( ditto, need to buy more)
But Inside I'm Screaming by Elizabeth Flock ( for the crazies among us )
Fallen Skies by Phillipa Gregory ( don't know if it's available in US, UK for sure)
Tender At The Bone by Ruth Reichl ( for the food junkies, really funny)

Have established the worst things about getting old are:-
1. Not enough time left to read everything you want to.
2. When the young Asian gal in the nail salon (today) asks you if you work or if you are retired!

I need serious surgery, this is much worse than I thought, going to google RIGHT now!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 6 Sausages, Turnips, living with lobsters

Day 6 and yes I do intend to bore you all to tears with my "vacation memoires" so bear with me all you lovely readers.
Not much to report actually. Slept late, beach, shopping for groceries ( we were like kids in a candy store) bought enough sausages to feed half of Fife.
Tell you right now there is nothing in this world like a Scottish sausage! with black pudding, haggis pudding, bacon (back bacon with actual meat on it) fried eggs, fries tomatoes, fried potato scones and mushrooms. A wee cup of coffee and some toast and your set up for the day. Well in my case the week but I did manage to snarf most of it down on a daily basis knowing it would be quite some time before my taste buds would be tickled to such a passionate extent again.
We went to Kirkaldy ( the metropolis of Fife) to do some clothes and gift shopping.
The Child Iseult thought she had died and gone to heaven AND decided to "go punk"
What can I say? she is indeed her mothers daughter. Difference being I was an original! Saw the Pistols and the Clash in their hey day, Pogoing around with safety pins dangling in my ears, spiked hair and more black eye make-up than can possibly be healthy. Mum used to beg me to wait until dark before I went out so that the neighbours wouldn't see me! Oh those were the days.
Fish Suppers at my mums for tea ( that would be dinner) then popped in to granny 2 on the way back to the cottage. Beach walk and bed. A busy but pretty lazy day.

I know I've been a tardy blogger of late but between Scoot at school, swimming with daught2 every day, horses,dogs and trying to keep house I'm bluddy exhausted!
The weekend had it's ups and downs. Saturdays are becoming more difficult due to traffic but the horses and kids doing great. Sunday was quite delightful, my darling "turnip guy" had made me the most fantastic wooden Veggie basket. I love it! ( I had admired the one he brought his turnip donation in) Speaking of turnips if anyone out there feels the overwhelming urge to eat turnips give me a call and I can send some your way! The sex bomb is sneaking them into EVERYTHING and I'm just plain turnip tuckered out.
Daughter 2 starts dance camp today so more dropping off and picking up.
HG just appeared wailing "I'm a lobster" LOL poor guy, he is! Should have used sunscreen.
Never seen anyone so red since the last time the sex bomb thought he'd top up his "white"
Got the Excedrin and the after sun ready for him, I'm good at this being married to a red hottie!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 5 The Capital

Day 5 another early start on the beach then off to the village of Markinch to catch the train to our beautiful capital city, Edinburgh. We had decided to leave the car at the station and go by train because the coastal train route is lovely and parking in Edinburgh is a bitch.
Kids enjoyed the train and I went all goosebumpy as we approached Waverly station, just as the train turns the corner you look up at the Castle, wonderful.
I love Edinburgh. I actually don't have much time for big cities, too fast for wee slo-mo me but Edinburgh and Prague take my breath away every time I visit.
We began our day visiting Mary Kings Close. A recently excavated
Scoot had our daily agenda firm in fist so it was off to the Castle. The walk up the Royal mile was somewhat less Scottish due to the fact that a recent law has been passed disabling all Pipers on The Mile! They have to muffle their bagpipes! WTF It was just plain sad.
The entrance to the castle boasts life size figures William Wallace on one side ( and no he doesn't look like bluddy Mel Gibson there) and Robert The Bruce on the other. We explained the history to the kids then in we went feeling all patriotic. That lasted about the 30 seconds it took us to walk to the ticket stand. Now I love my country and all BUT 20 pounds for adults and 15 for kids? $170 to get in. I have to wonder at the nerve of Queen Bess 2. $170 to look at our own darned Crown Jewels. Heck she only inherited them by default! Demanding the public to spend that amount of money to take a glimpse at her newly acquired "bling" just ticks me off. Add to that the Stone of Destiny and I'm loosing it folks.
Of course we paid it, LOL.
We had a wonderful time. Scoot loved Mons Meg (big cannon presented to James11 in 1457) and the girls were very quiet when we located my Uncle Berts ( mum and Aunds big brother, the wandering cowboy knows all about him, we used to talk for hours on the subject) name in the War Memorial Ledger.
Into St Margaret's Chapel c.1130 built by her son David1 in her memory. It's something just to touch the stone and ponder the past.
Bought Ice-cream at a concession stand on the way out then Scoot spotted a Pizza Hut so in there for late lunch.
We finished our Pizza and then it began...
Waiter: "Would you like to see the dessert menu?"
Me: "No thanks we're good"
Waiter : " OK, but do you want dessert?"
Me : "No I don't think so, we're good"
Waiter at this point totally gives up on getting any sense out of me so addresses the sex bomb.
Waiter: "So do ye want dessert or no?"
Sex Bomb " No we're good thanks"
Waiter " Ye dinnae want dessert then?"
Sex Bomb " Nope, we're good, could you bring the bill?"
The waiter flees from our table having developed a nervous twitch at some point during the dialogue!
"What the heck was that all about?" I ask the sex bomb innocently.
"Well" says he " We left the poor guy in no doubt that we ARE the ""Good" family but we never did answer his question about dessert" Language barriers, too funny.
Did some shopping on Princes street then around 6:00 hopped on the train back to Markinch,
or so we thought! Loudspeaker on the train announces " next stop Thornton" WTF? (the conductor confirmed that we were indeed on the wrong train) Thornton being around 4 miles west of where we needed to be. All off the train into the bowels of Fife, "Thornton" where men are men and so are the women.
Could have filmed Deliverance in that village for that extra touch of authenticity! One dingy store, five dingier pubs, toothless drunks on every corner and only one bus every hour. No Taxis (who can blame Taxi firms for deciding to bypass a potential war zone?)
Eventually to our great relief a bus arrives and we get on, to Markinch? dinnae be daft, we're off to Glenrothes! Alight Glenrothes and wait and wait . Bus to Markinch at 8:55. It had taken us over 3 hours to make what should have been a 40 minute journey!
Stopped off for an "Elephants Lug" otherwise known as a Calzone. We used to have this once a week when we lived there, mmmm. stuffed with Chicken Tikka, Donner meat, mushrooms and spicy onions in a hot chili sauce. Ye cannae beat it!
Devoured the "Lug" took our evening walk on the beach, then off to bed sated.

I actually typed this whole thing up yesterday and then the computer crashed which finds me, your most devoted blogger, doing a re-type grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hate you guys to miss anything important after all! LOL

Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 4 Memories now turnips and poker

Day 4 was spent with the families after our regular morning beach exploration.
We also showed the kids where we and they had lived, where we had gone to school and our old childhood haunts. It was lovely to share with them but definately took an emotional toll on us.
It's not easy to explain the feeling of happiness and comfort tinged with sadness and loss.
It was great watching and listening to my mom "getting down with her bad self" she always made me crazy but no more. I was so proud of her and all her wee quirks became endearing and kinda cute instead of annoying the hell out of me!
Sad that it's only as parents near the final passages of their narrative we begin to appreciate them for who they are and not resent them for not being who we wish they were, yep life is a bitch till you hit 45 and then it's to late to undo damaging dialogue born of youth and the inert frustrations which parasitically live too close to the surface.
Took a night time walk on the beach, we both needed it and the children were none the wiser as to why we were out at 11p.m, they had a blast and we talked for a long time.
Back to now, I had a great weekend at the Ranch. Saturday rode all of my herd and then gave the old guy a bath. Came home hot, dusty and pretty wiped only to find that our dear friend "The old Grey guys dad" had been round and dropped off a ton, literally, of turnips.
That was just the opportunity the sex bomb was waiting for!
Out with Mastering The Art of French Cooking, turnip section and he was off!
My sweetie Girlfriend came over for a well deserved break and a beer, we were joined by the HG and his freshly tattooed cous. Good times. The sex bomb delighted our palettes with Ms Childs' Navets a la champenoise and Roti de Porc aux Navets. Go the sex bomb and Julia!
It was delicious and very warmly received by all. A nice cold bottle of Pinot Gris and a truly gastronomic delight left us sated and relaxed.
HG took it upon himself to teach my how to play poker and watch out Vegas I'm a shark!
Insisted that we bet so we divided up the remains of Scoots dinner, some soggy french fries and a few sad chicken nuggets, game on!
He insists it was beginners luck but I think I have a newly discovered talent.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Day3 Tourists,Trebouchers and all that

Day 3 we decide to go "Nessie Spotting" you know, Loch Ness, The Loch Ness Monster. I am hurting big time, nuff said, but decide to pack a picnic (Lord knows we have enough food thanks to the mums) I throw some chicken into some rolls, some crisps(that would be chips here) and a few biscuits ( that would be cookies) into a bag and off we go. Three hours later and no closer to our destination ( had forgotten the single track roads and bedraggled sheep on the aforementioned roads) we pull over into a Lay-by next to a Dam, very picturesque. I open the boot (that would be trunk) and present my "picnic" to the hungry hoards. The sex bomb and the child Iseult are looking at their 2inch Brioche rolls with nothing more than a slice of chicken in them, aghast. WTF? says the sex bomb, peering inside his wee roll. "No Mayo, No salad, No nothing?" I was busting up.
"What did you expect? Subway?" To which daughter2 pipes up "nope daddy it's a Momway"
We ate up our meagre rations and headed off for Fort Augustas at the bottom of the Loch.
We parked the car next to half a dozen Tour Buses and headed into town, first stop Toilet (that would be Restrooms) I go in with the girls and there are around 10 to 14 Asian ladies in there. The child Iseult looks at me perturbed and whispers " Mom why are there so many Asian people here?"
I'm not really thinking about her puzzled tone, so I reply " Oh they probably came in on one of the big buses out there"
"What?" she shrieks.
It had not occurred to me that she has never seen a Tour Bus, had no idea how popular a tourist attraction Scotland is, especially with Asian Countries, (for which Scotland's Economy is very grateful) and that she was expecting men in Kilts with Bagpipes!
"What do you mean they come in on buses?" " From where?" "What do they do here?"
At this point I'm stifling down what I just know is going to be one of my hearty from the belly snortlaughs which those of you who know me appreciate but which I did not consider an appropriate response. Herded the girls out and had to explain all about Tourism and Big Tour Buses. Too funny.
Watched some boats going up through the locks on the Caledonian Canal which Scoot loved, the girls not so much, then back in the car and off to Urquart Castle, which lies half way up the loch and is one of my personal favourites. It's pretty much in ruin but oh my, talk about location, location, location.
The last time I was there was probably 1984 at which time you pulled into a Lay-by and took some photos, there was no access. I was delighted when we arrived to find that The National Trust for Scotland has built a whole tourist visitor centre. We went in watched the movie then down to the Castle. They had a full size replica Treboucher which was really neat and the girls spent some time discussing whether or not they could fire daddy from it and if so would he hit the deep dark waters of the loch! The general consensus was that he would indeed hit the loch and that maybe we should charge tourists to Treboucher the sexbomb!
Wonderful day, full of fun an laughter, we sang most of the way home, me teaching the kids some old Scottish songs I had forgotten I knew. Aye you can take the woman out of Scotland but you can't take Scotland out of the woman.
Suffering terribly from jet-lag. Sleeping by 8p.m. last night and awake at 4a.m., still awake.
The Cuckoo Clock has landed! The relief when I opened the door to find BF with nothing larger than a small backpack. I've been worried sick about this darned bird and she hands me, wait for it, a FRIDGE MAGNET! Whew.
We laughed, me a tad hysterically. We must have had a mind meld going on though because I had brought her The Loch Ness Monster equivalent. Great to have great buddies.
Text messaging with my "Wandering Cowboy" yesterday. He's my boy and I miss him.
Laughter and tears chatting to the HG this morning, we could talk for ever but both had stuff to do so had to curb our enthusiasm and get on with the day which I intend to get right onto now.
Oh before I go, note all the translations? And we all speak English? I think NOT.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 2 My Heroes have always been Cowboys

Our first full day in Bonnie Scotland was indeed bonnie.
Our cottage was darling and had just been remodeled so everything was new and very clean.
We all walked down to the beach, about 200 yards from the cottage. The tide was out and the rock pools held individual eco-systems which entranced and amazed the kids.
It was probably one of the "moments" of the vacation. I recall frequently being on the same beach with my dad when I was a child. we would go in the mornings to dig up "lug worms" for bait (he was quite the novice fisherman). The experience was very intense and emotional for me, so familiar yet so distant. I was transported back in time to a happy place with all the excitement and anticipation we sadly loose as adults. I kicked off my shoes and started running in the sand giggling and spinning, arms flung out propelling me towards the sea. At this point the sex bomb and the kids thought I'd totally flipped which in a way I suppose I had. The sun was out and the sky was blue with a warm balmy sea breeze, perfect. The afternoon was spent visiting the mums and then going to visit Uncle Aund. Now for those of you out there who don't know about Uncle Aund here's a quick recap. Mums older brother, one of my favourite people in the world. When I was small I would watch all the Cowboy movies and shows with him, Bonanza, The Virginian, Tales of Wells Fargo and everything with "The Duke" We watched the shows but loved the horses best. Trampas and Buck were my heroes and Jubilee with Dale Evans, a sight to behold. Uncle Aund was and still is my hero. My Aunt had emigrated to Canada in the 50's and would send him big belt buckles, lariats and all things "cowboy". So there he was in Scotland in the 60's strutting around like Billy The Kid, what a guy.
He now lives in a Residential Home (just like the one I worked in) and I have sent him everything from Rodeo Magazines to a Stetson which he wears in the sun. We arrive at around 3p.m. to visit him and as we walk into the home a woman's voice says "Hi Fiona" I look up and know I know who I'm looking at but can't quite place her. It was a girl I had hired 20 years ago in a temp position who is now the Manager of Uncle Aunds home, it's a Big Wee World. In to visit, lots of tears (me) lots of good Scottish humour (Aund) lots and lots of photos of his girl, my girl, the horse I bought for him, it was wonderful. Every inch of available space in his room is filled with Western paraphernalia which is quite charming. I had brought him a couple of T-shirts, some Stetson aftershave and "Old Glory" WTF was I thinking?LOL It was all very neatly packaged and I had not thought to read the actual size. His face when we started to unwrap it was priceless! We decided to fold it up again and it now has a place of honor on a table next to his TV.
Just put Scoot on his bus for Summer School, we'll see how that one goes, he hates the school bus.
Now need to tackle more laundry then get down to the Ranch to see my four legged friends. The girls want to swim this afternoon and I need the exercise! Spent the last few weeks eating like a pig and the belly is "no bonnie"
OMG. BF just called and I am expecting the Cuckoo Clock any minute now!! I'll be back here today for sure! LOL

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 1 pregnant and phoneless

Lets start at the very beginning...a very good place to start. Thank you, Julie Andrews.
24hrs back in the US and already the vacation seems surreal. The out going flights were quite non-eventful thank goodness, lets face it you'd have to be off your rocker to want an eventful flight.
We were met at Edinburgh Airport by my wee sis, her boyfriend and my youngest niece. The older niece had to stay with my mom who had become unmanageable and was showing all the tell tale signs of a complete nervous breakdown with a tad of the old coronary flung in! ( don't think I've ever been responsible for causing anyone so much excitement, well maybe the sex bomb once back in the 80's)
I traveled to Fife with "my gang" whilst the sex bomb and our three delinquent children followed us in the hire car.
Arrived at mums, emotional wrecks. It was quite the reunion. Sad to report that mom has aged SO much in the 8 years since I last saw her.
Rounded her and older niece up and off to pick up Granny No2.
Both of the Mums had bought enough groceries and candy to last us 2 months.
Descended upon our wee cottage in the beautiful village of Lundin Links, drank wine and caught up with all the news. Hate to say the grannies still have no time for each other whatsoever so things were a bit tense to put it mildly. Everyone left around 10p.m. except my mom and older niece who stayed chatting till around 2am.
Now here's the thing!
Older niece (whom I adore and pretty much brought up for the first 8 years of her life, she was born 2 years after the death of my baby boy and filled a chasm in my heart and life) had told me a couple of months ago that her younger sister was pregnant and that she, her sis and her mom were frightened to tell my mum.
So there we were on my first night of vacation and I HAVE to tell her. No way I could be there for 2 weeks with everyone knowing except mum.
What a start to a holiday...mum was, I don't know what mum was...I was a wreck.
Next morning calls from sis and both nieces thanking me for "bringing glad tidings"
Ah well, if my auld mum was going to croak over the unwelcome news I guess that would be a reason to cross the ocean.
When I say "calls" had to borrow mums cell phone as the sex bomb had totally screwed up our US phones and ... oh blah de bloody blah.
To be continued...
Today spent doing laundry and housework.
The HG did a wonderful job, all animals alive and well, house still standing, lost a few plants but I would have done that anyway!
So a big TY and hugs for a very dear friend who we love a whole lot.
Cooking steak and best friends potato recipe for dinner, yummy.
Scoot starts summer school tomorrow so early start for me.
Got an email from another BF who has been on vacation to Switzerland (and other places,lucky,lucky,lucky) informing me that she has brought back a Cuckoo Clock for me! LOL
Can't wait to see it! Hoping it's a wee one...this is too funny. Picturing me and the "bird" and Scoot on the hour every hour!
Thought:- do they sleep during the night ? The Cuckoos?
Oh Lordy

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The Eagles have landed...more tomorrow...wiped tonight...good to be back though!