Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 1 pregnant and phoneless

Lets start at the very beginning...a very good place to start. Thank you, Julie Andrews.
24hrs back in the US and already the vacation seems surreal. The out going flights were quite non-eventful thank goodness, lets face it you'd have to be off your rocker to want an eventful flight.
We were met at Edinburgh Airport by my wee sis, her boyfriend and my youngest niece. The older niece had to stay with my mom who had become unmanageable and was showing all the tell tale signs of a complete nervous breakdown with a tad of the old coronary flung in! ( don't think I've ever been responsible for causing anyone so much excitement, well maybe the sex bomb once back in the 80's)
I traveled to Fife with "my gang" whilst the sex bomb and our three delinquent children followed us in the hire car.
Arrived at mums, emotional wrecks. It was quite the reunion. Sad to report that mom has aged SO much in the 8 years since I last saw her.
Rounded her and older niece up and off to pick up Granny No2.
Both of the Mums had bought enough groceries and candy to last us 2 months.
Descended upon our wee cottage in the beautiful village of Lundin Links, drank wine and caught up with all the news. Hate to say the grannies still have no time for each other whatsoever so things were a bit tense to put it mildly. Everyone left around 10p.m. except my mom and older niece who stayed chatting till around 2am.
Now here's the thing!
Older niece (whom I adore and pretty much brought up for the first 8 years of her life, she was born 2 years after the death of my baby boy and filled a chasm in my heart and life) had told me a couple of months ago that her younger sister was pregnant and that she, her sis and her mom were frightened to tell my mum.
So there we were on my first night of vacation and I HAVE to tell her. No way I could be there for 2 weeks with everyone knowing except mum.
What a start to a holiday...mum was, I don't know what mum was...I was a wreck.
Next morning calls from sis and both nieces thanking me for "bringing glad tidings"
Ah well, if my auld mum was going to croak over the unwelcome news I guess that would be a reason to cross the ocean.
When I say "calls" had to borrow mums cell phone as the sex bomb had totally screwed up our US phones and ... oh blah de bloody blah.
To be continued...
Today spent doing laundry and housework.
The HG did a wonderful job, all animals alive and well, house still standing, lost a few plants but I would have done that anyway!
So a big TY and hugs for a very dear friend who we love a whole lot.
Cooking steak and best friends potato recipe for dinner, yummy.
Scoot starts summer school tomorrow so early start for me.
Got an email from another BF who has been on vacation to Switzerland (and other places,lucky,lucky,lucky) informing me that she has brought back a Cuckoo Clock for me! LOL
Can't wait to see it! Hoping it's a wee one...this is too funny. Picturing me and the "bird" and Scoot on the hour every hour!
Thought:- do they sleep during the night ? The Cuckoos?
Oh Lordy

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