Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 10 then zebras,horses and truth

Day 10 "Checkin in ,checkin out checkin in" had become Scoot's new mantra. Into the new cottage and delighted. I had been a bit worried about this one as the photos showed some pretty "far out" interior design but we had a budget to work within and it was the best I could manage. Turns out to be really quite nice and talk about location,location,location. Front door, wee road to cross to the beach. Gorgeous.
Took a short trip around the East Neuk which comprises of quaint little fishing villages then stopped into The Lundin Links Hotel for high tea. Wouldn't recommend it all frozen and/or microwaved. We had intended to have Fish Suppers in Anstruther but the queue was out the door and we were all starving. Oh well...
Our neighbours just got back from Safari yesterday and their kid was all fired up about Zebras so I showed WT and him the Parelli DVD regarding flight lines and flight paths Zebras and all. They loved it, well not the part where old uncle Zeb becomes the lions entree but the fact that nature gives chances. A lesson for us all methinks. I also explained to them why "hide the hinney" makes sense to a horse and works with it's natural responses. Gee I just love this stuff and happily so did the kids.
Lessons this morning with my Girlfriend and one of her kids. WT came along and was delighted when one of my barn buddies offered up her old horse for WT to ride. She did a great job! It's taken a while but at last one of my brood is actually beginning to enjoy and delight in our passion.
Old nine fingers was round last night for a haircut. The things I do in the name of friendship! All up and happy so that was good.
Oh,oh,oh almost forgot.
I'm in the yard, bikini, book, happyish when one of my best buddies arrives pfft... suffice to say that within a matter of hours she's telling me I'm a wreck and have I considered checking myself into a nut house because I "really" could use professional help! What a GOOD friend huh? LOL She's so honest it's not even funny.I need to train her in the art of "wee white lies" otherwise I'm gonna slap her with a wet fish!
We have decided to take a Language course together in the Fall which should be a blast. Then I can cuss at her in more languages. You've got to love the girl!

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