Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 2 My Heroes have always been Cowboys

Our first full day in Bonnie Scotland was indeed bonnie.
Our cottage was darling and had just been remodeled so everything was new and very clean.
We all walked down to the beach, about 200 yards from the cottage. The tide was out and the rock pools held individual eco-systems which entranced and amazed the kids.
It was probably one of the "moments" of the vacation. I recall frequently being on the same beach with my dad when I was a child. we would go in the mornings to dig up "lug worms" for bait (he was quite the novice fisherman). The experience was very intense and emotional for me, so familiar yet so distant. I was transported back in time to a happy place with all the excitement and anticipation we sadly loose as adults. I kicked off my shoes and started running in the sand giggling and spinning, arms flung out propelling me towards the sea. At this point the sex bomb and the kids thought I'd totally flipped which in a way I suppose I had. The sun was out and the sky was blue with a warm balmy sea breeze, perfect. The afternoon was spent visiting the mums and then going to visit Uncle Aund. Now for those of you out there who don't know about Uncle Aund here's a quick recap. Mums older brother, one of my favourite people in the world. When I was small I would watch all the Cowboy movies and shows with him, Bonanza, The Virginian, Tales of Wells Fargo and everything with "The Duke" We watched the shows but loved the horses best. Trampas and Buck were my heroes and Jubilee with Dale Evans, a sight to behold. Uncle Aund was and still is my hero. My Aunt had emigrated to Canada in the 50's and would send him big belt buckles, lariats and all things "cowboy". So there he was in Scotland in the 60's strutting around like Billy The Kid, what a guy.
He now lives in a Residential Home (just like the one I worked in) and I have sent him everything from Rodeo Magazines to a Stetson which he wears in the sun. We arrive at around 3p.m. to visit him and as we walk into the home a woman's voice says "Hi Fiona" I look up and know I know who I'm looking at but can't quite place her. It was a girl I had hired 20 years ago in a temp position who is now the Manager of Uncle Aunds home, it's a Big Wee World. In to visit, lots of tears (me) lots of good Scottish humour (Aund) lots and lots of photos of his girl, my girl, the horse I bought for him, it was wonderful. Every inch of available space in his room is filled with Western paraphernalia which is quite charming. I had brought him a couple of T-shirts, some Stetson aftershave and "Old Glory" WTF was I thinking?LOL It was all very neatly packaged and I had not thought to read the actual size. His face when we started to unwrap it was priceless! We decided to fold it up again and it now has a place of honor on a table next to his TV.
Just put Scoot on his bus for Summer School, we'll see how that one goes, he hates the school bus.
Now need to tackle more laundry then get down to the Ranch to see my four legged friends. The girls want to swim this afternoon and I need the exercise! Spent the last few weeks eating like a pig and the belly is "no bonnie"
OMG. BF just called and I am expecting the Cuckoo Clock any minute now!! I'll be back here today for sure! LOL

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