Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 8 Maudlin Movies

Day 8 the last day in our cottage.
The American Connection arriving next day so having to move to a bigger location.
All good to go, except for the fact that the sex bomb totally blew the reservations and we have nowhere to sleep 7 of us on Day9!
Thank heavens for mums. Sex bombs mum offered us her place and since it's either that or a Hotel we gladly took her up on it. My mum lives in a tiny wee one bed roomed seniors house so no luck there sadly.
Spent the day picking up bits and pieces for our new arrivals and visiting with the mums, Aund and one of my Aunts.
My Aunt has been like a second mum to me my whole life and has knew me long before I knew myself.
She was the only person in our street with a cine-camera and used to film EVERYTHING.
Turns out she had all of the cine-film put onto video a few years back to we settled down to watch the movies. What a show.
Mum and Dad, me at 2,3,4,5 etc my Grannie and all the people I grew up with just as I remember them. It was quite a step back in time and a very touching,happy/sad, mentally challenging place to be. I was quite drained.
Back to the cottage early to pack as check-out 10a.m.
I have no idea how we managed to accumulate so much stuff in 8 days! Cases refusing to be closed, plastic bags by the gazillion, toiletries and cleaning products beyond avarice ( how dirty did my mum think we were?)
Packed the car with one load to take to mum2 as there was no way it was all going to fit in the morning and we didn't want to be rushed. Off goes the sex bomb with the first shipment looking to all intents like Pa bluddy Clampit!
Upon his return took a walk along the beach (well that particular beach) for the last time.
Weather held up beautifully for the whole 8 days with the exception of our trip across the border but what else would you expect?

Tadding along this week busier than usual with WT in dance camp. She needed "costumes" for the big performance tomorrow and as luck would have it Scoots' school is having "fun week" this week.
You know it kills me when the kids come home with lists of things to wear/dress up in and at the bottom it always says " please do not purchase anything, items found around the home are fine" WTF? am I missing something or do all "homes" contain chefs hats, boys age 12 Hawaiian Shirts ( scoot has never worn a Hawaiian shirt in his life) sun visors, leis, oh heck the list goes on. Thrift store here I come!
Took The Child Iseult riding this week and going again today. She really enjoyed it, the 1:1 maybe more so than the actual riding but at least she went to the Ranch so that's a breakthrough.
The sex bomb has stayed true to his word and cooked Mz Childs' "Coq au Vin" for dinner the other night, took about 4 hours with a 4 hour cleanup afterwords BUT the meal was delicious and well worth the effort. Go Julia and the sex bomb.
Still a few, now sad, turnips lurking in my gorgeous veg basket...any takers?

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