Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 4 Memories now turnips and poker

Day 4 was spent with the families after our regular morning beach exploration.
We also showed the kids where we and they had lived, where we had gone to school and our old childhood haunts. It was lovely to share with them but definately took an emotional toll on us.
It's not easy to explain the feeling of happiness and comfort tinged with sadness and loss.
It was great watching and listening to my mom "getting down with her bad self" she always made me crazy but no more. I was so proud of her and all her wee quirks became endearing and kinda cute instead of annoying the hell out of me!
Sad that it's only as parents near the final passages of their narrative we begin to appreciate them for who they are and not resent them for not being who we wish they were, yep life is a bitch till you hit 45 and then it's to late to undo damaging dialogue born of youth and the inert frustrations which parasitically live too close to the surface.
Took a night time walk on the beach, we both needed it and the children were none the wiser as to why we were out at 11p.m, they had a blast and we talked for a long time.
Back to now, I had a great weekend at the Ranch. Saturday rode all of my herd and then gave the old guy a bath. Came home hot, dusty and pretty wiped only to find that our dear friend "The old Grey guys dad" had been round and dropped off a ton, literally, of turnips.
That was just the opportunity the sex bomb was waiting for!
Out with Mastering The Art of French Cooking, turnip section and he was off!
My sweetie Girlfriend came over for a well deserved break and a beer, we were joined by the HG and his freshly tattooed cous. Good times. The sex bomb delighted our palettes with Ms Childs' Navets a la champenoise and Roti de Porc aux Navets. Go the sex bomb and Julia!
It was delicious and very warmly received by all. A nice cold bottle of Pinot Gris and a truly gastronomic delight left us sated and relaxed.
HG took it upon himself to teach my how to play poker and watch out Vegas I'm a shark!
Insisted that we bet so we divided up the remains of Scoots dinner, some soggy french fries and a few sad chicken nuggets, game on!
He insists it was beginners luck but I think I have a newly discovered talent.

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