Saturday, May 31, 2008

Girding of the loins

Just added some elements, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Interesting day at work, horses all bi-polar. Hoping it's the weather causing some really weird behavior.
The old lame guy behaving like the old gal, the old gal behaving like the teenager, the gray guy behaving like he was brain dead and the teenager just plain wacko. But as they say in my neck of the woods "you deal with the horse that shows up"
So, the old guy followed me around the huge outdoor arena like a puppy, at liberty, when I sat down he put his head on my lap, this from a horse who normally spooks at his own farts, honest he does! All of you who know him can confirm.
The old gal has suddenly decided that she's head shy, WTF?, normally the one with her head nestled between my boobs.
The gray guy, who I rode bareback in a halter. Oh no! should have had him saddled, bitted up, the bigger the bit the better, with me spurs on, huh?
Anyway I digress, he plodded along like some old broken down nag, what happened to Mr Lope-dee-lope? and the teenager, well, bucking stock don't have anything on my gal. You want to buck? here honey, let me help you.
Quite the unusual day to say the least. Of course the "three ring circus" arrived, you've just got to laugh at the antics, so I hung out for a while with my very dear barn buddy, who asked me if I'd like to ride his horse. Wow, that mare is something else. Hand on heart the best horse I have ever had the privilege to ride and I've ridden a lot of horses.
Home now, awaiting the arrival of another great friend, who both the sex bomb and I know is going to chew us out for being taken in for a second time. We are ready for it and he's going to be absolutely right. Ah well, in his own words " you can't save them all"
Here's something to ponder over, why do adults lie about stupid stuff ?
Let me give you an example...( I just LOVE that period key but am suppressing myself lest I offend the "intellectuals" (I use the term loosely) out there, "lurking" in cyber, ready to pounce, LMAO) lets just say, for the sake of argument that I have a new horse, after some time I realise it's more horse than I can handle, so I pay a reputable trainer to work with it. Months later, I've given up on that trainer, tried unsuccessfully to make any headway, and for reasons known only to me, employ a not so reputable trainer to help me. Then I post, that this is the first time I've ever worked with a trainer and how great it is.
It's Mental!
Why lie? Ego? Embarrassment? Alzheimer's? hehehehe
Who knows why adults do the nuttiest things?

Got to go and to get ready for the "wee party" and for a roasting of course. Hope he's not too harsh with us, if he is we deserve it!


Good morning......................................................................................
Oops should only have been 3, LOL, in fact best laugh I've had in a long time.
My mum kills me when she watches a whole movie then turns around and says "that was crap" why watch it? turn it off, change channels, go out and enjoy yourself but oh no not she, the whole idea of choice eludes her, poor thing. You would think that by the time you reach a certain age you realise that you determine what you want to watch, read, listen to, alas for some people that concept goes over their heads.
Now I on the other hand am a close the book, change channels kinda gal. Why torture you intellect and waste precious time only to gripe and complain after the fact? I just do not understand...well I do actually, my mum failed her 11+ and is very insecure, not that she's stupid but she is very needy. I'll work on her when I get home, she needs to stop wasting her time with trivia and wasting other peoples time complaining about it, life is just too short.

Friday, May 30, 2008

three horses

Great day today, played with and rode three of the four legged kids.
Miss Teenage girl doing lovely flying lead changes and my old gal running those barrels like a pro! My old gray dude did some nice walk /lope transitions which is all good for him ,I expect we'll build up to more.
Finding a really nice balance with my lesson horses as far as ground work and riding goes.
I'm content and tired......all is well

Of love and relaxation with a tad of PA

Get this. My mum now informs me that she has also bought postcards, stamps and air mail stickers so that we don't have to bother shopping for them when we get home. What a woman.
Wow did I just type "home". Just goes to show that after nine years there is still a "Dorothy" lurking in there.
It's been a long, long time since anyone took care of me at this level and I don't know how I feel about it. Delighted of course, warm and fuzzy, absolutely, grateful, totally but there's something else I can't quite define. A feeling that I have missed out, loneliness and regrets all vying for first place in my head. I'm pretty sure that had the opportunity arisen at this age/stage of my life I would not have crossed the "pond" but stayed surrounded by those who love me. Sheesh I'm having "the palpitations" now......what if I don't want to come back??
Did I hears a few hurrahs and a party being organized? LOL
Now I'm being silly, I have to come back. Boooo, said the party organizers!
I have a home,horses,a dog for goodness sake! Still I think the sex bomb is going to be dragging me kicking and screaming to the airport for the return journey.
Oh My Gosh I almost forgot that I was accused of being Passive Aggressive by a complete stranger yesterday! Can you believe it ? ME? I "CRY" for gods sake, constantly!
Only and I mean only in " these united states" would anyone make such an accusation based on what was supposed to be a literary comprehension discussion. Oh well guess it's best not to try and have an intellectual debate on line, lest I become misinterpreted again and end up getting carted of to some nut house!...

Worked three of the horses yesterday and then managed to get some sun. Taco Bell for dinner and then early to bed. A quiet but busy day. Not much on the agenda today, beds are made laundry is washing away so I think I'll go and ride some horses, I need the "therapy".
My old girl was in a funky mood yesterday, bucking and carrying on when I had her on line. She gets like that if I miss a couple of days. It's all about her after all and how dare I neglect her for days and then expect her to be my "best friend" Got after her a couple of times and all was well in her wee horsey head. I've become very aware recently of how my mental and emotional state reflects on my performance and that of my horses. I am spending the journey to the Ranch relaxing and listening to relaxing music to enable myself to wind down before I arrive. I am always very calm and patient with my guys BUT you can't kid them and if I am upset or annoyed internally you can be darned sure they can sense it I'm getting down with my bad self and fixing it. I have no right to expect anything of them if I can't meet them on an equal emotional plane.
On the subject of relaxing, my buddy and I were chatting (before I lost her to Mr Whimmaway) and I was telling her that I have not been able to go to bed , turn off the light and go to sleep since I was around 10 years old. So before she leaves she gives me a burner with aromatherapy oils, a sound machine, ( I do like the sea one) with rain forests , waterfalls etc etc and a little book light. "There you go sweetie" says she "that should fix your sleep problem"
Oh Lord! almost caused a divorce! LOL
................first I put WAY too much oil in the burner, I was pretty sure she said 10 drops of each but it didn't look like much so I just kept chugging it in.
The room was infused to put it mildly.
The sex bomb was choking and I was coughing quite a bit, well quite a lot actually but I was determined to stick with the program!
I clip on my light to my book, turn on the sound machine to "rain" turn off the light and snuggle down all ready to drift away ........
Took me a while to adjust the light much to the annoyance of my "gasping for air" husband, then the "rain" kicked in......up to pee, me......back to bed for more light adjustments, husband now with face buried in the pillow, shoot, pee again , me.....rain not working with my bladder at all!
back to bed , oh no, pee , him, comes back to bed choking and glowering.
Change sound to heart beat, adjust light again...........muffled noises coming from sex bombs pillow...........heart beat kinda freaking me out, not going to fall asleep in the midst of horror flick sound track so change to ocean.
Little bit more light adjustment and then the darned light falls off the book. Scrabbling around now over the edge of the bed, coughing, trying to grab my light which is just out of reach.
Now I don't know if you've ever heard an asphyxiating man roar but I can assure you it's not a pleasant sound.
So whilst I thank my buddy from the bottom of my heart for her sleep program I'm afraid it's not for "us" way too stressful! Didn't get to sleep that night till around 2 a.m. and went to bed at 10!! All the commotion had me a nervous wreck...LOL

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life at Mach1

When I started this "Travelin through" stuff I had no idea would be going at M=vo/vs !
I am now at the point of having to wait a couple of days to regroup my thoughts before I can "Blog".
Memorial day was lovely with friends and family. The sex bomb cooked great food on the BBQ , Trader Joes lamb tips were fantastic, sex bombs tikka was delicious and farriers chicken was mouth watering. The kids played well together, all in all a good day.....and these are becoming less and less frequent as the countdown to the "trip across the pond" nears it's conclusion.
The microwave arrived yesterday, don't know how many more "experiences" I can get through
We thought they were going to install it but heck no! So there it sits, in it's rather large cardboard enclosure, in the middle of the kitchen floor awaiting some-one to release and install it.
Prior to the "experience" I had completed my morning chores, picked up sick daughter No1 from school, visited Wally World and decided to sit out in the sun for an hour or so. I get the sun bed, sunscreen, water, current novels, and have just settled in when both of the "hounds" come bounding towards me, start sniffing around and both decide to "go potty" about 3 feet from where I'm at! So much for relaxing, me in a bikini scooping up doggy do-dos was not on my agenda!
I have mixed feelings over one of our financial investments, which seems to be giving much pleasure to others but has left us with a gaping hole in our bank account. Guess it wouldn't be so bad if I even "liked" the majority of them............ah well at least one or two deserve the fun even if it is at our expense, with no return on investment I might add.
As Elbert Hubbard said "never explain - your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway"
Wish I could come up with my own Quote worth quoting..........I'll work on that.
I'm done for right now, tons to do today and this is not conducive to my Thursday Plan. Sitting here two finger typing does not get the laundry done or the horses ridden.
Off I go.....................have a good one everybody.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

My mum and emotional vampires

I love my mum!
Called her the other day and she says " now don't bring any toiletries with you to Scotland" me, 'huh?" she goes on to explain that for the last couple of months she has been buying one or two things every time she goes shopping. Mum is not well off and lives on a pretty tight budget.
Bless her wee heart AND get this she remembered all of my favourites from home! Baddedas shower gel, Blue Eye Dew, FCUK body spray etc etc it's going to be really weird smelling like my old self instead of this US aroma I have had to develop over the years. I was actually telling the HG just the other morning about how I used to cry ( hehehe there's a novel concept for me.......NOT) , how I used to cry, because all of my laundry smelled funny, different detergent, different fabric softener. It's one of those things you learn to live with and you adapt because hey it was our decision to cross 'the pond' and come to live here, but you never really feel "right"
I don't think this will ever change and maybe sometime in the future when my kids are grown, well we'll always have "scooter boy" with us (I'll get to that story) but anyway when the kids are grown and the horse kids have all gone through the gates of horse heaven to greener pastures.....the way my life is going the buggers will all Founder and I'll have good old St.Peter sending me an ethereal vet bill !!! .........maybe , just maybe I'll have to go back to "the auld country" to end my days, just so everything is "right".
Now don't get me wrong I am not being maudlin BUT we all have to "go" eventually and it would be comforting to know that in my last seconds I smelled "right". Gosh how profound! Don't want to be 75 with the boobies of a teenager, don't want to be 75 with no wrinkles, don't want to be 75 with perfect teeth and auburn hair , in all actuality, I don't want to be a 75 year old freak. I think there will be a plethora of those, without me paying to join the "freaky 70somethings club"
BUT I choose to feel "right"........................stick with my Blog and I'll let you know how it goes 30 years from now!
Just a quickie, something really sad happened today........well funny/sad...........go to my very first post on this Blog. It was totally confirmed to the detriment of all involved, not me thank goodness. Sad because some people go through this life and learn nothing, funny because those same people lord it above us mere "Plebs" and think in their twisted way, that they are better than the rest of the mighty shall fall............all you can do is wait for the wreck and if you are able to, help pick up the pieces..........................don't think I'm a good enough person to want to put the broken back together in this instance, and they will break! I'm all out of glue so I apologize in advance for the inevitable and my refusal to be "a good friend" Sometimes you just have to walk away, sometimes you just have to admit defeat, sometimes you can't give any more and that's okay, really it is. My buddy spoke to me at length about "emotional vampires" and thank goodness I know only two. Well they can suck each other dry and good luck with that, I'm afraid they have had all they will ever put on "charge" from my limited supply .

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Whacko Alert!!!!

Just want to give a heads up to all my lovely groupies!
It would appear that the"Whacko Sisters" are involved in some delusional kind of bonding I am assuming crash position and would suggest that you do the same.........

The contented Thespian in me

BOO........oops wrong time of year, did I scare you though?
I am having the best horse time ever at the moment. Yesterday I had a lesson from my "first American trainer", it had been almost four years.
I was HORRIBLE! I know for a fact that I did everything I tell my students not to do.
That said, my teenager mare was stellar! My "auld" trainer had worked her twice during the week and she was like a different horse, which proves my theory that the difference between a professional and an amateur is the time it takes. The trainer accomplished in two days what would have taken me two bloody years ....minimum!
Today was great. The old guy is as sound as a pound which gladdens my heart ( I was so worried for him it wasn't even funny) and goes to show you what an excellent Farrier can do !
I had a blast with the kids ( students and horses) and also had a new student who brought her own horse along.
Once again I am blown away with this! I am not teaching beginners, these are real deal horse people who think I have something to teach them! I'll tell you, it just doesn't get any better than this! I think I have arrived ! The horse was a super star and we had a wonderful experience.......
Also just had a phone call from an old student who moved away and who I miss loads. How cool is it that people want to keep in touch and become your friends through trainer/student relationships.
Yep tonight I am a happy camper and I would NEVER wish my horses away no matter how many wishes I was granted.
Of course tomorrow I might be Genie hunting again ....but not tonight......"sleep well ye princes of Maine" (ref : Ciderhouse Rules, John Irving)
AWW SHOOT............I was winding up and John Irving sprang to mind and now I'm all excited again! For those of you out there in cyber who have read him , is he not "the best?"
For those of you who have not, DO! now! google right now! leave this crazy blog and go buy a book!
I'm going Thespian even as I type...............digression............I do this with two fingers by the way just so you all know the painstaking effort that goes into doing this whole darned thing, no fingers flying over the keyboard in this house!! hell no, every letter is typed with the utmost concentration and dedication.......I torture myself in this manner for you, yes you my dear dear bloggroupies..........................digression over..........................
Getting down with my bad Thespian self, might I suggest for the non Irvingites out there that you start with "The World According to Garp" and take it from there, alternatively "Being Owen Meany " would also be a reasonable take off spot.
While I'm on the subject would someone anyone please COMMENT! you just hit the wee comments bar and talk to me...............just so I know all my two finger tangoing is not in vain! I don't care if you tell me I'm nuts ( oh liar liar pants on fire) but some feedback would be warmly received! Duh..........................LOL

Friday, May 23, 2008

I Dream of Genie

I desperately need a Genie right now.
You know the big fat green things wearing funky clothes, a tail for legs and booming "I grant you three wishes' kinda Genie.
Are there other kinds? Darned, heck if I know, but I am taking no chances.
Back to the Genie, I actually need one that will grant me 5 wishes. Dunno if such a breed even exists but if they do I need one NOW.
Is "breed" PC ? Oh, now I'm all worried, don't want to be offending any potential prospects out there.
Not that I think you could squeeze a Computer into a lantern but best not to take any chances.
I had a look in the Goodwill this afternoon but not a lantern in sight, did get a dress though, Forever21, LOL yeh well whatever. Also got a funny email from a good friend of mine informing me that crows feet and wrinkles straighten out if you take off your bra. Which is a sweet thought but I'd have to buy a bigger belt for my pants!
Back to the Genie. So my old guy ( horse not husband although the term is applicable to both) lame as a duck on front right. Cut a long story short, my darling wee Farrier says 'lets shoe him" the house guest says "I agree and he needs bute ". We all deliberate as we have been trying soaks , wraps and filing etc. But because he is the old guy, the HC ( fed up typing house guest)
and I decide , best to have the vet take a look first. Hundreds of Dollars later guess what the plan was?
Shoe him and give him Bute! !@#!$#$@$.....................SO I need five wishes @ 1 wish per horse and there I go, five lovely fish to care for!
Already have a bowl, used to have a fish but I got mad one night and slapped the sex bomb with it. Only good for flushing by the time I was done. That's a joke by the way for all the PETA people.
As for the old guy, he got his "dancin shoes" on this morning, some grain with bute and was quite the prancing pony on the way back to his paddock.
Aww heck maybe the three wishes will be enough, after all I do have three kids.......hmmmmm.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

yo ho ho ho all silver and happy

Good Grief!, I'm all applianced out!
Delighted with all "me gleaming silver ye hearties" but the "experience' was a huge non event....two delivery guys who could have given Laurel and Hardy a run for their money. Oh well, so it goes.
On a tougher note, I am sadly disappointed with humanity when it deigns ( spell check just flagged last word, it exists! look it up!) to stoop to the lowest abasements and looses all human dignity. I will say a prayer ............................AMEN.
On a happy note, the house guest has been a hoot over the last couple of days. Tells me yesterday that I need a glove with wee rubber nipples and that if I do a good job the results will be amazing!! Of course we are talking about a "curry comb" for a blinking horse!
I am 100% convinced that the house guest has been sent here because a higher power has a purpose, our whole family is benefiting and I hope the "dear house guest" is too!
So all is hale and hearty in this corner of the planet
Sleep well,dream well and if your like me pray like hell that you wake up tomorrow!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just for my Blog Groupies!

Here I am, back in old Blogland having succumbed to the pressure of my Blog know who you are ! hehehehe.
I have decided not to write up the events of the weekend as it would turn the blog into a bloody novel. Suffice to say everyone survived. Lots of headaches, a wee bit barfing and a few minor abrasions actually not bad at all now that I come to think about it.
My buddy left yesterday but not feeling too bad cos we are going on vacation together Wooohoo yep we're taking taking our little singing quartet on tour, abroad, oh lordy!!
Now that's going to be one heck of a blog.
My thought for the day :- getting older actually has some advantages for example people have stopped asking me what I want to be when I grow up and when I say "I have decades of experience" one look at the wrinkles and people KNOW I probably do!!
Anyway enough of that ...... "The House guest" is teaching me some new phrases! Huh just when you think you're pretty streetwise the younger generation find new ways to confuse you.
So at the moment I'm working on "Getting down with my bad self" I am assured that my 75 year old mum will love it when I tell her to get down with HER bad self when we go home next month hmmm I'll let you know how that one goes.
Ok guys I'm off to BBQ dinner AGAIN. Oh Oh I almost forgot, got a voice mail from the Appliance Delivery Geeks who assure me that I am going to have " the best experience possible" I mean come on for gods sake how lame is that? Hey now that I think about it maybe the
delivery geeks are actually a couple of Hotties! Maybe they do a bit "on the side" Maybe they will make and old woman very happy, yeh right dream on.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Curry a la BBQ

We made the best curry last night. No stove involved. Well there wouldn't be would there? Because it's sitting disconnected in the middle of the kitchen!
How did we achieve this delicious Indian delight? On the bbq. No joke. It was great.
I was just thankful that it was a nice warm balmy kind of evening, can't imagine cooking outdoors in the deep midwinter. Freezing your butt off whilst attempting some culinary delight holds no charm for me .
I spent ages yesterday looking for accommodation back in "the auld country" sheesh what a pain that was! I reckon I'm just too finicky.......oh do you citizens use that word? Hehehe If you don't google it I'm done being the translator in my own Blog. Which I have to say requires some immediate interior design. I'll get to decorating in here soon.
Ok off to fry in the back yard for an hour or so. Fry myself that is, on the sun bed, just wanted to clarify that I am not about to bbq a "full scottish breakfast" Well not till the weekend anyway!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

friends and land sharks

So as y'all can see a VERY busy there light at the end of the week??

I find myself surrounded by :
1. Real friends
2. Land Sharks
3. Wannabes'
4. Eejits
Oh and lets not forget the Freak from the Appliance store which shall remain unnamed
My job? To sift the wheat from the chaff easy peesy watch me go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eejit songs

When the night is????????? i know it's a song.............oh oh ..........."stand by me"!
Standing alone at the moment........well swaying alone to be honest.........
Where have all the flowers gone?,,,,,long time passing,,,,, all of a sudden it all makes sense.
On the song theme" I am strong.....not !, am invincible?......I am woman!!!! yes or no where did I go??
I recant, no favors no more, no intimidation no more , no assholes no more, no bull no more, if you go will you send back a "Letter from America" by the Proclaimers ........ go google it yourself!. Theres a job for y'all.

When you really could use a wet fish

Ok so get this!!
WE thought...HAHAHAHA......the new appliances were arriving today. Well hell the freaky guy in Sears said NEXT WEDNESDAY and that would be TODAY you would think?........Hmmmmm apparently NOT. Ok Ok breathe breathe.
So Last night we disconnect the stove,dishwasher and microwave because they are going to take the old ones away yes? I take the day off yes? I spend 3hours cleaning the kitchen so all is sparkling yes? I call for an estimated delivery time cos I have to go out to pick up the kids and guess what? Oh go on!
The freak was indeed as I perceived him A FREAK the Appliances arrive NEXT Wednesday......................I'm a tad upset CAN YOU TELL????????????????????????
I now have all of my old appliances sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor, won't dinner and dishes be a laugh tonight!
I'm trying to hold it together here but " I am not amused"
I'm going shopping, to spend lots of money, that we don't have, it's either that or I start stalking the Sears Freak with a big assed microwave to pound him with. See now if I only had a Fish........

Monday, May 12, 2008

Energy Moms and Work

Well that was quite the weekend.Can't remember when I last had so much fun.
Spent the whole time surrounded by family and friends life doesn't get much better than that.
Saturday night was hilarious. Mr Whimmaway informed us that we had been doing the 5 hour energy drinks wrong and that we should take them prior to any alcohol.
So we get the shot glasses out and down the energy.
Oh lordy, my buddy had a horrid reaction and got the shakes which was really quite worrisome BUT when we started our sing-a-long with 'If I had a Hammer' and she raised both hands which were independently doing the whole "revivalist" thing I laughed snorting and hiccuping like a demented pig.
We managed to loose the "sex bomb" again .....not even a "Big Spender" in sight this week, but we got his little rotund butt out of bed when the house guest came home and started all over again.
Sunday, Mothers Day, wonderful. Daughter 1 gave me a starbucks gift token, Daughter 2 a beautiful yellow pot mum, sole son a bottle of bubbly for Mimosas and from all three a lovely Etienne Aigner purse. Breakfast in bed, then we all snuggled up and watched Bicentennial Man. Just a quick aside, I LOVE Robin Williams. In fact if I could spend one hour with someone famous he would be pretty high on my list.
Monday was work which went okay but could have been better. I'm working on it. It's my project for this Summer. I love what I do I just need to keep on improving. It's quite crazy how the whole horse thing is an emotional rollercoaster. when all is good it's REALLY good when all is not so good it sucks big time. A very sweet friend of mine used to say he knew when I'd had a bad day at work. What? am I moody? grumpy? glowering at everyone?
No No and No he says, you start trying to sell your horses to any unsuspecting eejit who happens to come along! When that fails you try to give them away for free! Oh My..................

Friday, May 9, 2008

skinnies and fishes

Friday again and not a mouse is stirring. Morning mayhem concluded rather less earsplitting than usual. I think the new "house guest" has the girls on their best behaviour just by being here.
It's either that or Maxs Nanny 911 DVD's are beginning to have an effect.
Spent yesterday morning shopping for "skinny jeans" for daughter No1, who refuses to believe that I wore them back in the 70's and was quite the fashion diva of my day.
What I have never understood, same with slinky tops , is why the manufacture these "puppies" in anything larger than a size2.
Lets face it size 14 in skinny jeans is just tormenting some poor misguided females into thinking " well if they come in my size it must be ok to wear them" NO NO and NO you are being manipulated by the fashion industry and made to look like a balloon on Popsicle sticks (that's if your legs are thin enough to drag the skinnys over) if you are size fourteen period,legs and all, then I'm not even going to attempt a visual, just take my word for it "it's not bonnie".
Got to go to the Ranch today, Farrier coming and also have one lame duck that I'm treating for an abscess.
Darn horses, if there is an afterlife then I'm going to have Koi.
Yep feckin fish is the way to go!
You can breed them,sell them, look at them ( well that's what people do with fancy fish) but best of all if they get sick you can flush them. Not very sympathetic of me I know and I probably now have all of the "fish lovers" out there calling me a cold heartless fish hater but I would take good care of them. Oh I know another good reason to have fish! You can slap eejits around the head with them prior to flushing! I would never stoop to "eejit slapping" with a live fish.....although I think the results would be much more dramatic!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Appliances and empty chairs

Happy Anniversary to us, 15 years ago we were "Twitterpated" now there's word for you! Go Bambi!
Yep 15 years of wedded bliss........well some of the time, most of the time no time to be "blissful" Too busy dealing with the mundane chores of work and trying our best to parent three kids.
You know the Romance is fading when you treat yourselves to new kitchen appliances as an Anniversary gift. Actually I'm excited about it!....even sadder huh?
The "Sex Bomb" took yesterday off work and we went appliance shopping. Ordered a new stove, microwave and dishwasher........ wooohooo.
Bummer was they won't be arriving until next week.
We also chose floor tile but need to spend more time considering wall tile and counters. Did I mention I hate, loath and detest our kitchen as it is? So hopefully it will be all pretty by the end of summer.
The Weekend was great, usual Saturday night sing-a-long which for some reason wound up with us all singing "That's Amore" The girls choreography to "Big Spender" put the "Sex Bomb" over the edge and we lost him at around 11p.m. He keeps up with us girls much better when his "whimmaway" buddy is around.
Now I'm feeling all sad because my buddy will be returning to exercise her vocal chords with Mr Whimmaway and our weekends are going to be dreary attempts, trying to fill in for both of them and having conversations with empty chairs.
It's been bad enough that for the past months that we all look at the empty chair when Whimmaways name comes up, soon there will be two vacant spots......ach I'm getting maudlin and it's too early to "greet intae ma pint" so I'll go and do some housework to cheer myself up.
I'm easily pleased, doesn't take more than a good old duster and polish to get me out of my pity pot.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Horses and Fishing

6:30 a.m. awake,wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. Well the awake bit is true at least, probably bleary-eyed and saggy tailed would be a more accurate description.
Had a great time yesterday at the Ranch with my other 3/4.
We turned out all of the horses together then sat back to enjoy the show. Turned out to be a total anti-climax as they all smiled at each other and got down to munching the grass around the arena rails. Oh well I'm happy that they all get along. Whinnie was a tad protective of Talisker so JJ didn't get to be up close and personal with the boy, that's younger women for you....pppfffftt.
Spent a few hours playing with them and had a blast. Whinnie on line with Talisker beside her at liberty, all three gaits and changes of direction, then the same with the girls. Worked JJ at liberty in the huge outdoor arena for the fist time. Lost her once or twice but she settled in and did really well. Invited Talisker to stand up on the tree stump. He looked at it, sniffed it then proceeded to accept the invitation and hopped on up, thought he was "master of all he surveyed"
He was really cute.
Home for Les enfants then the day just went kinda weird. Can't even explain it really. Suffice to say rods were being cast from numerous directions.....interesting stuff.
I need to pay as close attention to my life as others do. It appears to be not as boring as I think it is.
Heck seems like I'm the only one totally missing the intrigue and drama!.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Food and Faking It

Where has the week gone?
I remember my Granny always saying "time goes faster as you get older" and me thinking "what a daft old eejit" time is what it is. Well she was right, as usual!
Smart lady my Granny. I miss her.
Hooray for "The Bogies". Flights booked. Scotland here we come! Max hit the send button so I reckon he's probably the first 12 year old "Autie" to legitimately spend in excess of $7,500. Go Maxie!
Not been home for 8 years so everyone is really excited. My mum has reverted back to a "raving lunatic" asking for grocery lists and threatening to decorate her whole house for us. Can't wait to see her though. It's been far too long.
Last night was our "Cultural Cooking" night. Every Wednesday the girls and I choose a country and prepare a meal. Last night was the good old USA deep south so it was corn bread and ribs!
The girls refuse to touch France as they are terrified we will make them try Escargot.
Greece was a good one with garlic chicken and greek potatoes, taramasalata and greek salad.
Enough about food.
Can't eat until I land on Scottish soil. Arriving peely-wally AND fat would be an absolute travesty. Which leads me to "what to do with the sex bomb?"
They don't come much whiter or rounder than my other half.....well probably more like my other 3/4 if girth size comes into it.
I suppose I could just stop feeding him? But how to get that healthy tanned effect?
He just burns, spends a couple of days writhing in agony, covered in after sun, looking like a greased red beach ball then miraculously turns pure white again. It really is one of natures miracles and has to be witnessed to be believed.
I know! I can slap fake tan on him when he's sleeping! No way he'd let me do it otherwise.
OK off to Wallys to buy some. I'll get L'Oreal because he's worth it.