Thursday, May 15, 2008

Curry a la BBQ

We made the best curry last night. No stove involved. Well there wouldn't be would there? Because it's sitting disconnected in the middle of the kitchen!
How did we achieve this delicious Indian delight? On the bbq. No joke. It was great.
I was just thankful that it was a nice warm balmy kind of evening, can't imagine cooking outdoors in the deep midwinter. Freezing your butt off whilst attempting some culinary delight holds no charm for me .
I spent ages yesterday looking for accommodation back in "the auld country" sheesh what a pain that was! I reckon I'm just too finicky.......oh do you citizens use that word? Hehehe If you don't google it I'm done being the translator in my own Blog. Which I have to say requires some immediate interior design. I'll get to decorating in here soon.
Ok off to fry in the back yard for an hour or so. Fry myself that is, on the sun bed, just wanted to clarify that I am not about to bbq a "full scottish breakfast" Well not till the weekend anyway!

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