Friday, May 9, 2008

skinnies and fishes

Friday again and not a mouse is stirring. Morning mayhem concluded rather less earsplitting than usual. I think the new "house guest" has the girls on their best behaviour just by being here.
It's either that or Maxs Nanny 911 DVD's are beginning to have an effect.
Spent yesterday morning shopping for "skinny jeans" for daughter No1, who refuses to believe that I wore them back in the 70's and was quite the fashion diva of my day.
What I have never understood, same with slinky tops , is why the manufacture these "puppies" in anything larger than a size2.
Lets face it size 14 in skinny jeans is just tormenting some poor misguided females into thinking " well if they come in my size it must be ok to wear them" NO NO and NO you are being manipulated by the fashion industry and made to look like a balloon on Popsicle sticks (that's if your legs are thin enough to drag the skinnys over) if you are size fourteen period,legs and all, then I'm not even going to attempt a visual, just take my word for it "it's not bonnie".
Got to go to the Ranch today, Farrier coming and also have one lame duck that I'm treating for an abscess.
Darn horses, if there is an afterlife then I'm going to have Koi.
Yep feckin fish is the way to go!
You can breed them,sell them, look at them ( well that's what people do with fancy fish) but best of all if they get sick you can flush them. Not very sympathetic of me I know and I probably now have all of the "fish lovers" out there calling me a cold heartless fish hater but I would take good care of them. Oh I know another good reason to have fish! You can slap eejits around the head with them prior to flushing! I would never stoop to "eejit slapping" with a live fish.....although I think the results would be much more dramatic!

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