Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When you really could use a wet fish

Ok so get this!!
WE thought...HAHAHAHA......the new appliances were arriving today. Well hell the freaky guy in Sears said NEXT WEDNESDAY and that would be TODAY you would think?........Hmmmmm apparently NOT. Ok Ok breathe breathe.
So Last night we disconnect the stove,dishwasher and microwave because they are going to take the old ones away yes? I take the day off yes? I spend 3hours cleaning the kitchen so all is sparkling yes? I call for an estimated delivery time cos I have to go out to pick up the kids and guess what? Oh go on!
The freak was indeed as I perceived him A FREAK the Appliances arrive NEXT Wednesday......................I'm a tad upset CAN YOU TELL????????????????????????
I now have all of my old appliances sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor, won't dinner and dishes be a laugh tonight!
I'm trying to hold it together here but " I am not amused"
I'm going shopping, to spend lots of money, that we don't have, it's either that or I start stalking the Sears Freak with a big assed microwave to pound him with. See now if I only had a Fish........

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