Wednesday, May 21, 2008

yo ho ho ho all silver and happy

Good Grief!, I'm all applianced out!
Delighted with all "me gleaming silver ye hearties" but the "experience' was a huge non event....two delivery guys who could have given Laurel and Hardy a run for their money. Oh well, so it goes.
On a tougher note, I am sadly disappointed with humanity when it deigns ( spell check just flagged last word, it exists! look it up!) to stoop to the lowest abasements and looses all human dignity. I will say a prayer ............................AMEN.
On a happy note, the house guest has been a hoot over the last couple of days. Tells me yesterday that I need a glove with wee rubber nipples and that if I do a good job the results will be amazing!! Of course we are talking about a "curry comb" for a blinking horse!
I am 100% convinced that the house guest has been sent here because a higher power has a purpose, our whole family is benefiting and I hope the "dear house guest" is too!
So all is hale and hearty in this corner of the planet
Sleep well,dream well and if your like me pray like hell that you wake up tomorrow!

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