Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life at Mach1

When I started this "Travelin through" stuff I had no idea would be going at M=vo/vs !
I am now at the point of having to wait a couple of days to regroup my thoughts before I can "Blog".
Memorial day was lovely with friends and family. The sex bomb cooked great food on the BBQ , Trader Joes lamb tips were fantastic, sex bombs tikka was delicious and farriers chicken was mouth watering. The kids played well together, all in all a good day.....and these are becoming less and less frequent as the countdown to the "trip across the pond" nears it's conclusion.
The microwave arrived yesterday, don't know how many more "experiences" I can get through
We thought they were going to install it but heck no! So there it sits, in it's rather large cardboard enclosure, in the middle of the kitchen floor awaiting some-one to release and install it.
Prior to the "experience" I had completed my morning chores, picked up sick daughter No1 from school, visited Wally World and decided to sit out in the sun for an hour or so. I get the sun bed, sunscreen, water, current novels, and have just settled in when both of the "hounds" come bounding towards me, start sniffing around and both decide to "go potty" about 3 feet from where I'm at! So much for relaxing, me in a bikini scooping up doggy do-dos was not on my agenda!
I have mixed feelings over one of our financial investments, which seems to be giving much pleasure to others but has left us with a gaping hole in our bank account. Guess it wouldn't be so bad if I even "liked" the majority of them............ah well at least one or two deserve the fun even if it is at our expense, with no return on investment I might add.
As Elbert Hubbard said "never explain - your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway"
Wish I could come up with my own Quote worth quoting..........I'll work on that.
I'm done for right now, tons to do today and this is not conducive to my Thursday Plan. Sitting here two finger typing does not get the laundry done or the horses ridden.
Off I go.....................have a good one everybody.

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