Friday, May 23, 2008

I Dream of Genie

I desperately need a Genie right now.
You know the big fat green things wearing funky clothes, a tail for legs and booming "I grant you three wishes' kinda Genie.
Are there other kinds? Darned, heck if I know, but I am taking no chances.
Back to the Genie, I actually need one that will grant me 5 wishes. Dunno if such a breed even exists but if they do I need one NOW.
Is "breed" PC ? Oh, now I'm all worried, don't want to be offending any potential prospects out there.
Not that I think you could squeeze a Computer into a lantern but best not to take any chances.
I had a look in the Goodwill this afternoon but not a lantern in sight, did get a dress though, Forever21, LOL yeh well whatever. Also got a funny email from a good friend of mine informing me that crows feet and wrinkles straighten out if you take off your bra. Which is a sweet thought but I'd have to buy a bigger belt for my pants!
Back to the Genie. So my old guy ( horse not husband although the term is applicable to both) lame as a duck on front right. Cut a long story short, my darling wee Farrier says 'lets shoe him" the house guest says "I agree and he needs bute ". We all deliberate as we have been trying soaks , wraps and filing etc. But because he is the old guy, the HC ( fed up typing house guest)
and I decide , best to have the vet take a look first. Hundreds of Dollars later guess what the plan was?
Shoe him and give him Bute! !@#!$#$@$.....................SO I need five wishes @ 1 wish per horse and there I go, five lovely fish to care for!
Already have a bowl, used to have a fish but I got mad one night and slapped the sex bomb with it. Only good for flushing by the time I was done. That's a joke by the way for all the PETA people.
As for the old guy, he got his "dancin shoes" on this morning, some grain with bute and was quite the prancing pony on the way back to his paddock.
Aww heck maybe the three wishes will be enough, after all I do have three kids.......hmmmmm.

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