Monday, May 12, 2008

Energy Moms and Work

Well that was quite the weekend.Can't remember when I last had so much fun.
Spent the whole time surrounded by family and friends life doesn't get much better than that.
Saturday night was hilarious. Mr Whimmaway informed us that we had been doing the 5 hour energy drinks wrong and that we should take them prior to any alcohol.
So we get the shot glasses out and down the energy.
Oh lordy, my buddy had a horrid reaction and got the shakes which was really quite worrisome BUT when we started our sing-a-long with 'If I had a Hammer' and she raised both hands which were independently doing the whole "revivalist" thing I laughed snorting and hiccuping like a demented pig.
We managed to loose the "sex bomb" again .....not even a "Big Spender" in sight this week, but we got his little rotund butt out of bed when the house guest came home and started all over again.
Sunday, Mothers Day, wonderful. Daughter 1 gave me a starbucks gift token, Daughter 2 a beautiful yellow pot mum, sole son a bottle of bubbly for Mimosas and from all three a lovely Etienne Aigner purse. Breakfast in bed, then we all snuggled up and watched Bicentennial Man. Just a quick aside, I LOVE Robin Williams. In fact if I could spend one hour with someone famous he would be pretty high on my list.
Monday was work which went okay but could have been better. I'm working on it. It's my project for this Summer. I love what I do I just need to keep on improving. It's quite crazy how the whole horse thing is an emotional rollercoaster. when all is good it's REALLY good when all is not so good it sucks big time. A very sweet friend of mine used to say he knew when I'd had a bad day at work. What? am I moody? grumpy? glowering at everyone?
No No and No he says, you start trying to sell your horses to any unsuspecting eejit who happens to come along! When that fails you try to give them away for free! Oh My..................

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