Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Appliances and empty chairs

Happy Anniversary to us, 15 years ago we were "Twitterpated" now there's word for you! Go Bambi!
Yep 15 years of wedded bliss........well some of the time, most of the time no time to be "blissful" Too busy dealing with the mundane chores of work and trying our best to parent three kids.
You know the Romance is fading when you treat yourselves to new kitchen appliances as an Anniversary gift. Actually I'm excited about it!....even sadder huh?
The "Sex Bomb" took yesterday off work and we went appliance shopping. Ordered a new stove, microwave and dishwasher........ wooohooo.
Bummer was they won't be arriving until next week.
We also chose floor tile but need to spend more time considering wall tile and counters. Did I mention I hate, loath and detest our kitchen as it is? So hopefully it will be all pretty by the end of summer.
The Weekend was great, usual Saturday night sing-a-long which for some reason wound up with us all singing "That's Amore" The girls choreography to "Big Spender" put the "Sex Bomb" over the edge and we lost him at around 11p.m. He keeps up with us girls much better when his "whimmaway" buddy is around.
Now I'm feeling all sad because my buddy will be returning to exercise her vocal chords with Mr Whimmaway and our weekends are going to be dreary attempts, trying to fill in for both of them and having conversations with empty chairs.
It's been bad enough that for the past months that we all look at the empty chair when Whimmaways name comes up, soon there will be two vacant spots......ach I'm getting maudlin and it's too early to "greet intae ma pint" so I'll go and do some housework to cheer myself up.
I'm easily pleased, doesn't take more than a good old duster and polish to get me out of my pity pot.

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