Saturday, May 31, 2008

Girding of the loins

Just added some elements, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Interesting day at work, horses all bi-polar. Hoping it's the weather causing some really weird behavior.
The old lame guy behaving like the old gal, the old gal behaving like the teenager, the gray guy behaving like he was brain dead and the teenager just plain wacko. But as they say in my neck of the woods "you deal with the horse that shows up"
So, the old guy followed me around the huge outdoor arena like a puppy, at liberty, when I sat down he put his head on my lap, this from a horse who normally spooks at his own farts, honest he does! All of you who know him can confirm.
The old gal has suddenly decided that she's head shy, WTF?, normally the one with her head nestled between my boobs.
The gray guy, who I rode bareback in a halter. Oh no! should have had him saddled, bitted up, the bigger the bit the better, with me spurs on, huh?
Anyway I digress, he plodded along like some old broken down nag, what happened to Mr Lope-dee-lope? and the teenager, well, bucking stock don't have anything on my gal. You want to buck? here honey, let me help you.
Quite the unusual day to say the least. Of course the "three ring circus" arrived, you've just got to laugh at the antics, so I hung out for a while with my very dear barn buddy, who asked me if I'd like to ride his horse. Wow, that mare is something else. Hand on heart the best horse I have ever had the privilege to ride and I've ridden a lot of horses.
Home now, awaiting the arrival of another great friend, who both the sex bomb and I know is going to chew us out for being taken in for a second time. We are ready for it and he's going to be absolutely right. Ah well, in his own words " you can't save them all"
Here's something to ponder over, why do adults lie about stupid stuff ?
Let me give you an example...( I just LOVE that period key but am suppressing myself lest I offend the "intellectuals" (I use the term loosely) out there, "lurking" in cyber, ready to pounce, LMAO) lets just say, for the sake of argument that I have a new horse, after some time I realise it's more horse than I can handle, so I pay a reputable trainer to work with it. Months later, I've given up on that trainer, tried unsuccessfully to make any headway, and for reasons known only to me, employ a not so reputable trainer to help me. Then I post, that this is the first time I've ever worked with a trainer and how great it is.
It's Mental!
Why lie? Ego? Embarrassment? Alzheimer's? hehehehe
Who knows why adults do the nuttiest things?

Got to go and to get ready for the "wee party" and for a roasting of course. Hope he's not too harsh with us, if he is we deserve it!

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