Sunday, June 1, 2008

All the nice girls love a sailor, or two

Oh yea' of little faith, me.
I should have know that "The Sailor" would be loving and supportive, as always. Did throw in a few "I told ya" but put everything into perspective for us and his "Baloney Head" character assassinations were hilarious.
I feel validated,vindicated and very very blessed to be surrounded by genuinely good people, speaking of which, we were joined by two of our other dear friends so it was a night of the over 40's and I loved it.
Erstwhile Sailor and The Sailor got talking about their "days at sea" and let me tell you these "Old Tars" can spin a bluddy good yarn. It was like sitting watching a comedy routine, in fact maybe the two of them should take the show on the road when they retire!
Erstwhile Sailor had read this here "Blog Masterpiece" and brought me a Trophy which he thought I might like to award certain acquaintances. Since the list of potential nominees is pretty extensive and there is only one award I've decided to photograph it and have a monthly winner right here in my Blog! Please be assured, all my good friends out there that you will NOT be winners.
Had a great day at work, the Bi-Polar horses having settled back to normality, thank goodness.
My advanced students rode the "girls" and actually achieved beautiful trot/canter transitions as opposed to the usual trot/explode like a bat out of hell transitions, at which both horses excel.
The sun tan is coming along quite nicely, in fact got complemented on it today so Scotland here I come all brown and radiant , that's stretching it a bit LOL but the brown is true.
It was a bit of a bummer today because my Barn Buddy wanted me to go on a trail ride but I had lessons all day. No matter, my BB joined us in the arena and we had a lovely time, it's always a giggle when we get together, very refreshing.
I managed to abstain from Red Bulls and Rock Stars for about four months but recently the old addiction has reared it's ugly head again. My Barn owner, who is quite delightful, had been giving me a hard time about drinking "that crap" so she goes and buys me Green Vibrance, Fish Oil supplements and lunch (she knows I never eat when I'm working). I eat the lunch, yummy, start on the fish oil, hmmm and open one of the Green Vibrance sachets, now it states right there on the sachet, Directions: Mix one packet of Green Vibrance into a 4 to 8 ounces of water or your favourite juice (got a red line under the fav word but I'll be damned if I'm dropping my u's, old Lizzy, the queen that is, will have a Royal hissy fit)
I am a stickler when it comes to directions so I pour exactly 8oz's of Orange juice and add my Green Vibrance, yeugh yeugh yeugh, gagging I was. It was poison! Poison I tell you!
This morning she and my BB are chatting when I arrive at work and she asks me how I'm getting on with the supplements and the Green Vibrance. "are you trying to kill me?" says I and give her my honest opinion of the Green Poison. She and the BB start busting up. "What?, what?" I did it just like it says, " NOT apparently the way you are supposed to start ! Apparently you are supposed to introduce it gradually into your system a wee bit at a time and build up to a whole sachet, well somebody might have deigned to mention THAT. I'm holding my nose and gagging it down all the while asking myself " how the hell can this be bluddy good for you ?" It's killing me.
Having both of their assurances that if I do it right I will acquire a taste for it ( I am less than convinced) I'm going to try again tomorrow, starting with 1/4 of a teaspoon. A whole sachet is probably around 4 or 5 tsp. I'll keep you posted on my road to healthy living.

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