Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thrify Scot fleeing the Sassenachs

Jewels, of which I have none, wrinkles of which I have many, gray hairs , ditto.
Whole summer collection from the Goodwill and Vincent De Paul.
How on earth can I go to Scotland?
Looking and feeling like a "bag" lady right now.
No cash, so no way of fixing it by visiting Gucci and spending a day at the Salon/Face Repair Shop.
It's strange how I have "fallen" literally at times, into this Ranch world, where tying your hair back, slapping on a ball cap, some sunglasses and an old pair of jeans and boots is quite the acceptable attire.
Not going to work in the "auld" country I'm afraid.
A land where ball caps don't exist, too wet for sunglasses and it's all about designer fashion. More so than here because Karan, Klien, Lauren etc are all imported and so expensive it's frightening. Even a good old pair if Levis or Wranglers are going to set you back $100+ ...mental money.
I can just pop along to the good old Goodwill and pick up a pair for $4.00 I ask you why would you pay in excess of that to sit on a sweaty horse? LOL
I am so disorganised it's bringing on full fledged panic attacks. You know the kind where someone is talking to you.
Now if it were some idiot in a bar at the end of a long night saying these things you would laugh and walk away, BUT when the voice is in your own head and you know it's the voice of your whacko inner self, then you at least have to give her the courtesy of listening.
Wish she would just keep her damned thoughts to herself!
I've got to go ride the horses this morning and then get a Hotel booked in London. Did I mention that we are having a couple of days there before we come back? Just to let the kids see the City and to break up the journey a bit. Daughter No 2 desperately wants to take the guided tour on the "big red London bus" so hopefully there will be a glimmer of sunshine down there in the "bowels" of civilization. Pah, imagine two whole days listening to Sassenachs! I'll be running to get on the flight just to escape "our tormentors" not that I have anything against the English ...yeah right. Actually now that I come to think of it I think the "Sassenach Stopover" was suggested by the sex bomb, who KNEW if there was one way to assure my return trip to the U.S. it would be to have me fleeing England, like the good and loyal Scot I am.

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