Monday, June 16, 2008


It all started in bed.
Daughter No2 comes blasting into our bedroom yelling "Happy Fathers Day Daddy" at the top of her very well exercised lungs. Talk about a wake up call.
The response to her uncontrolled enthusiasm was a grunt from me ( I love it when its dads day and I don't have to prop myself up and try to wake up in 2 seconds flat) and a wake up, pop up from Daddy-daddles. Scooter Boy was hot on her heels spinning and squealing like a Tasmanian Devil but no daughter2 in sight.
N.B. Daughter2 shall henceforth be referred to as "The Child Iseult"
Note to self :- explain reasons for this anon.
Well ,you can't start doing the whole card and gift thing with an AWOL child, so I had to drag myself out of bed to resuscitate her. I do not use the term flippantly, that kid sleeps so deeply it's unreal.
We did the cards and gifts then all out for breakfast.
Scooter boy has started eating Pancakes for the fist time in his life.
That said, he's introduced around 15 different foods and drinks into his diet over the past couple of months. I think his body knows that after 12 years of fries, chicken tenders and cranberry juice it needs more if it's going to grow!
He's eating apples,grapes,cherries, pizza, bacon, pancakes,maple syrup, various flavours of yogurt, fruit roll ups, bananas, orange and apple juice and those wee capri sun drinks in all flavours!
It's fantastic! You have no idea how many times we've worked with Dietitians referred by the Doctors because I worry so much about his food intake or lack of it. Apparently it's just one of those "Autistic" things and not a whole lot you can do about it. It's the first time we have EVER gone out for breakfast and not had to order french fries at 9a.m. !
Yes there sure are a whole lot if Firsts happening here.
A little aside, just to keep the peace between the warring siblings, Daughter2 continues in GATE and is my little Arty Princess and The Child Iseult has once again qualified for Honors. Go Girls!
Where was I ? Oh yes, back home and had a wonderful day. The girls worked with Dad downloading new music onto their I-Pods for the flight this week. My buddy arrived and we got the Karaoke going, Scooter Boy singing and dancing his wee heart out. You know it's really interesting that the girls can belt out a fair tune whereas Scoot ( takes to long to type scooter boy) is pitch perfect and sings beautifully...happy to report we have also recently moved on from Teletubbies, Pooh and Noddy and are singing Proclaimers songs and anything Reagge.
The evening wore on and found us trying to master the "Cha-Cha Slide" The Sex Bomb was on his game and getting down with his bad self! This "dancing daddy" has to be seen to be believed.
Mr Whimmaway called and so had a chance to chat with him before our Scottish Tour takes off.
HG and Alien Outlaw joined us at the end of the night after the singing, dancing, exhausted children had retired for the evening. We continued with the music until even the adults were fading. Lovely day. Isn't that a wonderful word? Lovely. I think I'll start a favourite words list,hmm there's a thought, I'll do it now.
On a crappy note we don't think we are going to have time to hook up with " The Irish Connection" We have been emailing back and forth but looks like it's not going to happen. Podge and Rodge, as they shall be known...she's gonna kill me for that one! hehehehe inside joke and no I'm not explaining. don't think I could even begin to explain it actually, LOL here. Podge and Rodge are busy doing "Farm" stuff and we are on a really tight agenda BUT who knows I'll say a wee prayer and hope we can maybe figure something out. I hope so.
OK time for the word list and then start packing cases.

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