Thursday, June 12, 2008

No surprises here!

Today is the last day of school for the daughters much to the disgust of scooter boy who doesn't break off until Tuesday.
Can't believe that they are finishing 7th and 3rd grades.
I think we need to start a college fund soon!
Of course if personal loans, (which we gave with the best of intentions and which have been outstanding for months and months) were to be paid back ,we could set up accounts for all 3 kids. Should have put the kids priorities first before we decided to become part of the fckin Peace Corps, huh ?
The benefit of hindsight, benefit? not a benefit when you don't learn from it. I have to say though that my learning curve is complete at last.
Something that took me forever to understand, well actually I still don't understand it but I know how to deal with it and am better at assessing the signs, is this:-
In my country if you loan someone a $ as soon as they have a $ they repay you.
Isn't that NORMAL?
Apparently not here. Here someone can come "begging" for $$$$$ and then decide that they don't have any obligation to return it!
If we were wealthy then we could probably write it off as a stupid mistake on our part, to be suckered in, but we're not wealthy and the sex bomb and I both work hard for every penny we have. It disgusts me. Absolutley disgusts. I have no time for it and would like to point out to all of you who work darn hard for what you have, to beware of leeches.
Leeches. How awful must it have been to be leeched by "sawbones" in days long gone?
( Although they still have their uses in modern medicine) So you go to the doctor with a headache and nausea, next thing you now your being leeched, purged, and told not to bathe for a year. Thank god for Kaiser that's all I can say.
According to the sex bomb the temperatures are heading for the 90's today so I'm off to work some horses before it gets too hot.
Forgot to say, Julia Child and her "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" volumes descended yesterday. The sex bomb had his nose stuck in them all evening so who knows what gastronomic delights he has in store for us this weekend!
Also forgot ( see! I'm fckin addlepated) the 3rd nominee, wow it's getting bad, how could I forget that?
3rd Nominee, for a solo performance in "Immodica Ira Creat Insaniam" this one comes with all the bells and whistles and is a stellar performance. Shows daily and is a must be seen to be believed act, well not an act actually LOL. Although a latecomer this month this nominee is sure to be a winner, if not now then in the very near future. Don't give up, you are doing a great job!

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