Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day Alien Abduction

Yes, I know it's Sunday already and yes, I have been negligent. So shoot me!
Do Aliens exist? That was the question on every ones lips tonight. A variety of lips I might add, some sneering, some cynical, some pondering, some grinning, some ya just wanna kiss, I digress for which I make no apologies!
So, do Aliens exist?
I think both my teenage daughter and teenage horse might be from another universe, sure as hell ain't nothing close to normal and have kind of spooky eyes when ticked off.
The sex bomb insists that he was kidnapped and had weird things done to him and then was returned safe and sound, personally I think he's just recalling the night we conceived daughter No2 and prefers to liken it to an alien abduction...whatever.
All good here tonight in my quiet wee house. The kids are asleep, as is the sex bomb and the HG My best buddy just left, see you in the auld country next week sweetie! and our dear Alien Outlaw pal went home too.
It's lovely to sit in the quiet, noisy, house and know you are in a living, breathing, loving place where everyone has succumbed to sleep in the knowledge that all is safe and well. Where trust over-rides consciousness. I've got tons of useless drivell to share but will do it tomorrow. I am going to join my sleepy, contented "family" and drift away thinking about how wonderful Fathers Day was and how wonderful a Father my children have and how wonderful life is to have given him to us and how just bluddy wonderful he is. I love love love the guy... can you tell?
Sleep well my dears

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