Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scottish Sunshine

Your favourite little engine is all out of steam. Favourite , yep darn spell thingy is at it AGAIN!
As I was typing, all out of steam today, my get up and go is gone. Need to find it though or there will be hell to pay, so much to do.
Just found out this morning that it's Fathers Day on Sunday. My best buddy had said that it was but between my discombobulated panic attacks and the lunatic in my brain constantly nagging
( gosh that girl can be one royal pain in the behind) I had totally forgotten.
Father's Day, pah, I don't have time to run around buying gifts and cards for the sex bomb. What do you buy the man who has everything anyway? Well the man who has enough to be getting along with for now at least. I need to think about it.
Mum was on the phone this morning, how Scottish is this... "Darlin, the weather is beautiful, clear blue skies and sunshine." "Woohoo"says I.
Switch on my computer, Google "weather in Fife"
Oh good golly, 59deg, 59 we are going to be FREEZING. Oh she also tells me that all the shops/stores have the nicest summer outfits for the kids. LOL I can just picture the three of them chittering in shorts and T's. So now I have to reassess our wardrobes and unpack the winter woolies from their hibernation bags.
Well that's Scotland for you, gets up to 65 and everyone's on the beach, hits 70 and it's a heat wave!
Thankfully the temperature only hits those kind of highs once or twice a year. I say thankfully because here's what happens:-
Everyone and I mean everyone, even the elderly, who you would think should know better, strips down and goes out in the sun for the day ( sometimes only half a day , it doesn't always last a full innings) without sunscreen.
Now you might ask yourself why would you do such a thing?
Simple, in a country which spends most of the year in partial darkness with almost constant rain, dampness, gray skies and a suicide rate higher than Seattle, when the sun comes out the whole populace goes Whacko.
They soak it up, drink it up, go to the beach, BBQ, run around wearing practically nothing, inflate paddling pools, eat ice-cream and even put their beer in the fridge! No time for sunscreen. No-one owns a bottle of the stuff and who in their right mind would take 10 or 15minutes, out of the sun, go to a store and spend money on something that you may not need again for a whole year?
The following days though, oh my,oh my. It's not a pretty sight.
We are a fair skinned, red headed race and just like the sex bomb, we burn.
You have never in your life witnessed so many people with scarlet faces greased up with after sun ( had to go buy that! raining again and it hurts!) all walking around like Robots screaming "don't touch me"
It's sad, mental but true. This from the race who brought you, the Telephone, TV, Penicillin, Microwave Ovens, the Kelvin Scale, Latent Heat, Anaesthetics, The Steam Engine, Refrigerators, Fax machines, Peter Pan, Golf...the list is endless. Give them one hot day and their brains melt!
Aye it's a grand thing to be a Scot.

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