Sunday, June 8, 2008

Miz Child et al

Another weekend draws to a close. Everything went really well at work. Horses were good and the students were great, as always. Had friends round for dinner last night and bless them they had cooked up an absolute banquet of Bengali food, yum yum. The sex bomb made Indian potatoes and good old Trader Joe's supplied the side dishes and Nan bread. If you shop there, then buy the frozen Nan, it's delicious and far superior to the ones in the bread section. On the topic of food, we both read Julie and Julia which came to us via my best buddy ( no not the horse one, she's still working on her ABC's ) and we loved the book SO much that we ordered "Mastering the Art of French Cooking, volumes 1&2, today. That should make for some happy blogging... as I anticipate poached eggs in aspic for dinner on a Monday night. The sex bomb associates himself with gourmet chefs and in all honesty is a much much better cook than I would ever hope to be, but he does tend to get a bit carried away and every meal is like eating in a 5* resturant. As an erstwhile friend used to say "we eat high on the food chain" in this house. Which forces me , on occassion to whip up some packet Mac and cheese and stuff my face when he's at work. In fact he's a bit of a culinary snob.
Nothing wrong with that , I can be a tad haughty about other things, which for the moment I am reticent to divulge lest I too fall into the "snob " category. Moi ? hehehehe
Scooter boy and Daughter No2 came to the ranch today and both rode my horse buddy girlfriend...awesome.

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