Friday, June 6, 2008

Training,Time and The Trophy

The sex bomb, for the first time in his life, just gave "the right answer" first time round. It went sort of like this...
me- "who the heck thought a black topped stove was a good idea?"
him- "hmmm?"
me- " well between cleaning every finger mark off the stainless AND every speck of feckin everything off of the black top, I'm already fed up with it"
him- "hmmm"
me- " I mean I love your cooking but it's a half hour stove cleanup afterwards"
him- "sorry"
Woohoo! it's only taken around 20+ years but I think he actually is beginning to get it. Huh and they say animals are hard to train, well all I can say is anyone who thinks that, never had a husband. Give me a rabid dog any day and it'll be rolling over and dying for the Queen ( oh you probably don't teach dogs to do that here...hehehe) before you can say "Jack Robinson".
Don't even ask who Jack Robinson is as I have no clue but it's a very popular saying back home. Now I've gone and piqued my own interest, I'll find out who the heck he is/was and get back to you.
Been a busy morning already, had calls from two of my dear girlfriends who I have neglected recently what with all the "commotion" on my planet. Meeting one of them today, and the other on Tuesday so can't wait to catch up with all of their news.
Enjoyed my chat with Daughter No2 this morning in the car, her wee socks were blown off when I started explaining the time differences between here and the UK. She was so cute. "but where does the time go to mommy?" Yep that would be my present mantra.
I'm working on this months winner of "The Trophy" and I've narrowed it down to two possible recipients.
1st Nominee, for, "Shyster of the Month" in which innocents are spellbound and manipulated.
Not the best performance, previous Shyster works were far more dramatic
but good "special effects" and a more comedic tone throughout the script.
2nd Nominee,for, "Eejit of the month" pretty much a Cameo from this outstanding eejit.
Past performances have included "Aren't I good" and "Aren't I good II"
Just as much Drama in this latest role and well worth keeping an eye out for.

Now I just need to make a decision. It's a close one. Wow this is tough. And the Trophy goes to...
But first these messages...

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