Tuesday, June 10, 2008

School and Palm Trees along with a New Nominee

OK so now it's Tuesday and I'm all discombobulated. I have so much to do and of course the kids are on these stupid, stupid short days. What is the problem with schools these days? We got 1 wk in spring to help with the sowing (fields that is not quilts) 6wks in summer to work around the farm/house ,1wk in fall to pick fckin potatoes and the "holiday" week for Santa. The rest of the year we were where we should be SCHOOL. I have never seen so much homework throughout the "part time" school year and why? because the kids only actually go to the place for a couple of weeks at a time. Been back a week and it's oh, time for a day off. Well I mean to say they must need it huh? Anyhoooo that's my wee tirade over for now.
Today was busy but pretty wonderful. The sex bomb and I went to the Ranch in the morning, he wanted to ride "the kid" and I had a student. I was about to ramble on but suffice to say I rode "the kid" first time for me and he was lovely. It's so cool sitting up there asking for things and watching him figure it out. He's a pretty smart guy so it was a lot of fun. Taught my lesson then home to pick up the kids. Laundry, bathrooms and now typing.
I made an observation today, why do people plant Palm Trees in residential areas?
They are as much good as a chocolate fireguard for gods sake. Huge sticks in the ground that you have to crane your neck to see the top of, they give no blooms and no fckin shade for sure!
Like all creations they have their place, on a beach, dropping coconuts on tourists heads, swaying in the breeze making wonderful vacation photographs. They are misplaced and confused in a concrete jungle and we dear readers are responsible for their current roots!
Think I'll start a "Palms back to nature" Society, hmmm how would that work then? We would need some heavy equipment to dig those suckers up, San Jose would be a good place to start though, it's like invasion of the Palm Triffids down there. Then how to get them back to their natural habitat? Anyone up for Hawaii? LOL
Did my research on Jack Robinson by the way and as it turns out there are a few possibilities . My favourite (the red line gremlin can go take a hike!) one was that between 1660 and 1679 the Officer Commanding the Tower of London was one John Robinson (Jack being a form of John) who's speed at beheading was second to none. Although he himself would not have wielded the axe it would most assuredly have been on his command. Hence "before you can say Jack Robinson"
So now you know.
A late contender has entered this months Trophy Award. I'll get to that tomorrow have to go for some groceries right now. Have a great evening.

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