Sunday, May 25, 2008

My mum and emotional vampires

I love my mum!
Called her the other day and she says " now don't bring any toiletries with you to Scotland" me, 'huh?" she goes on to explain that for the last couple of months she has been buying one or two things every time she goes shopping. Mum is not well off and lives on a pretty tight budget.
Bless her wee heart AND get this she remembered all of my favourites from home! Baddedas shower gel, Blue Eye Dew, FCUK body spray etc etc it's going to be really weird smelling like my old self instead of this US aroma I have had to develop over the years. I was actually telling the HG just the other morning about how I used to cry ( hehehe there's a novel concept for me.......NOT) , how I used to cry, because all of my laundry smelled funny, different detergent, different fabric softener. It's one of those things you learn to live with and you adapt because hey it was our decision to cross 'the pond' and come to live here, but you never really feel "right"
I don't think this will ever change and maybe sometime in the future when my kids are grown, well we'll always have "scooter boy" with us (I'll get to that story) but anyway when the kids are grown and the horse kids have all gone through the gates of horse heaven to greener pastures.....the way my life is going the buggers will all Founder and I'll have good old St.Peter sending me an ethereal vet bill !!! .........maybe , just maybe I'll have to go back to "the auld country" to end my days, just so everything is "right".
Now don't get me wrong I am not being maudlin BUT we all have to "go" eventually and it would be comforting to know that in my last seconds I smelled "right". Gosh how profound! Don't want to be 75 with the boobies of a teenager, don't want to be 75 with no wrinkles, don't want to be 75 with perfect teeth and auburn hair , in all actuality, I don't want to be a 75 year old freak. I think there will be a plethora of those, without me paying to join the "freaky 70somethings club"
BUT I choose to feel "right"........................stick with my Blog and I'll let you know how it goes 30 years from now!
Just a quickie, something really sad happened today........well funny/sad...........go to my very first post on this Blog. It was totally confirmed to the detriment of all involved, not me thank goodness. Sad because some people go through this life and learn nothing, funny because those same people lord it above us mere "Plebs" and think in their twisted way, that they are better than the rest of the mighty shall fall............all you can do is wait for the wreck and if you are able to, help pick up the pieces..........................don't think I'm a good enough person to want to put the broken back together in this instance, and they will break! I'm all out of glue so I apologize in advance for the inevitable and my refusal to be "a good friend" Sometimes you just have to walk away, sometimes you just have to admit defeat, sometimes you can't give any more and that's okay, really it is. My buddy spoke to me at length about "emotional vampires" and thank goodness I know only two. Well they can suck each other dry and good luck with that, I'm afraid they have had all they will ever put on "charge" from my limited supply .

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