Saturday, May 24, 2008

The contented Thespian in me

BOO........oops wrong time of year, did I scare you though?
I am having the best horse time ever at the moment. Yesterday I had a lesson from my "first American trainer", it had been almost four years.
I was HORRIBLE! I know for a fact that I did everything I tell my students not to do.
That said, my teenager mare was stellar! My "auld" trainer had worked her twice during the week and she was like a different horse, which proves my theory that the difference between a professional and an amateur is the time it takes. The trainer accomplished in two days what would have taken me two bloody years ....minimum!
Today was great. The old guy is as sound as a pound which gladdens my heart ( I was so worried for him it wasn't even funny) and goes to show you what an excellent Farrier can do !
I had a blast with the kids ( students and horses) and also had a new student who brought her own horse along.
Once again I am blown away with this! I am not teaching beginners, these are real deal horse people who think I have something to teach them! I'll tell you, it just doesn't get any better than this! I think I have arrived ! The horse was a super star and we had a wonderful experience.......
Also just had a phone call from an old student who moved away and who I miss loads. How cool is it that people want to keep in touch and become your friends through trainer/student relationships.
Yep tonight I am a happy camper and I would NEVER wish my horses away no matter how many wishes I was granted.
Of course tomorrow I might be Genie hunting again ....but not tonight......"sleep well ye princes of Maine" (ref : Ciderhouse Rules, John Irving)
AWW SHOOT............I was winding up and John Irving sprang to mind and now I'm all excited again! For those of you out there in cyber who have read him , is he not "the best?"
For those of you who have not, DO! now! google right now! leave this crazy blog and go buy a book!
I'm going Thespian even as I type...............digression............I do this with two fingers by the way just so you all know the painstaking effort that goes into doing this whole darned thing, no fingers flying over the keyboard in this house!! hell no, every letter is typed with the utmost concentration and dedication.......I torture myself in this manner for you, yes you my dear dear bloggroupies..........................digression over..........................
Getting down with my bad Thespian self, might I suggest for the non Irvingites out there that you start with "The World According to Garp" and take it from there, alternatively "Being Owen Meany " would also be a reasonable take off spot.
While I'm on the subject would someone anyone please COMMENT! you just hit the wee comments bar and talk to me...............just so I know all my two finger tangoing is not in vain! I don't care if you tell me I'm nuts ( oh liar liar pants on fire) but some feedback would be warmly received! Duh..........................LOL

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Liz said...

Oh yes - Irving is truely a gem. A widow for a year, Garp, the heart one (what was that? Until I find you?) - they are all so great. Glad to have a friend who enjoys his words as much as I. Another favorite is Barbara Kingsolver (sp?) - the poision wood bible is epic. Also Isabelle Allende (also, sp?) would gladly pass them on if you have not read them yet. Maybe sometime for the plane ???