Monday, July 28, 2008

Day9 Who knew it was time for some Holiday cheer?

Day 9, All packed and ready to move from our delightful wee cottage to a considerably larger one on Day 10. Loaded up luggage and kids and off to mum2 around 9 a.m. Sad to be leaving such a great place but needs must and all that good stuff. Have to say I would recommend it to anyone visiting Scotland. the cottage is actually owned by a Canadian couple ( he's a doctor) who emigrated there around seven years ago. They live in a larger house in the village and let the cottage. We were emailing back and forward for weeks before we left and they were quite delightful and more than accommodating as we had funky arrivals departures etc. It was also very reasonable at $900 for five people for eight nights.
Dropped off luggage and then me and the kids off to my mums for the day, to much to ask them to make another trip to Edinburgh and allowed me much needed time with my mum. Sex bomb headed off to the airport to return the car and pick up a bigger one and to pick up our friends who were arriving around noonish.
A few hours later everyone was crammed into my mums wee tiny house for initial introductions and welcomes then off to mum2 for dinner and bed.
Mum 2 her usual "charming" self, decided to entertain our new guests by bringing out all of her "musical animated" Christmas thingies, you know the sort of thing, Homer Simpson flashing his butt singing friggin Jingle Bells! oh yes nothing but good taste in THAT house.
I was bluddy mortified. The girls, ditto. The sex bomb absconded in excruciating embarrassment and Scoot resigned himself to slamming the door on us. When she started describing her newly acquired fibre optic Christmas tree, making her way towards the door ( I just knew she was going to set the friggin thing up) I was forced to intervene. Had some great Chinese food for dinner, a few drinks to numb the pain brought on by the array of Holiday Toys then off to bed with "Jingle Bells" ringing in my ears.
Thankfully our friends were most tolerant and understanding, not that there's much you can say or do when Homers' ass is shoved in your face by a manically cackling, midget granny ( she's only 4ft 10") Thanks to them both though for keeping a straight face! I do wonder though if after having been on the go for 24hrs + they thought they were hallucinating, all I can say is I wish to hell they had been. Welcome to Scotland!

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