Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 6 Sausages, Turnips, living with lobsters

Day 6 and yes I do intend to bore you all to tears with my "vacation memoires" so bear with me all you lovely readers.
Not much to report actually. Slept late, beach, shopping for groceries ( we were like kids in a candy store) bought enough sausages to feed half of Fife.
Tell you right now there is nothing in this world like a Scottish sausage! with black pudding, haggis pudding, bacon (back bacon with actual meat on it) fried eggs, fries tomatoes, fried potato scones and mushrooms. A wee cup of coffee and some toast and your set up for the day. Well in my case the week but I did manage to snarf most of it down on a daily basis knowing it would be quite some time before my taste buds would be tickled to such a passionate extent again.
We went to Kirkaldy ( the metropolis of Fife) to do some clothes and gift shopping.
The Child Iseult thought she had died and gone to heaven AND decided to "go punk"
What can I say? she is indeed her mothers daughter. Difference being I was an original! Saw the Pistols and the Clash in their hey day, Pogoing around with safety pins dangling in my ears, spiked hair and more black eye make-up than can possibly be healthy. Mum used to beg me to wait until dark before I went out so that the neighbours wouldn't see me! Oh those were the days.
Fish Suppers at my mums for tea ( that would be dinner) then popped in to granny 2 on the way back to the cottage. Beach walk and bed. A busy but pretty lazy day.

I know I've been a tardy blogger of late but between Scoot at school, swimming with daught2 every day, horses,dogs and trying to keep house I'm bluddy exhausted!
The weekend had it's ups and downs. Saturdays are becoming more difficult due to traffic but the horses and kids doing great. Sunday was quite delightful, my darling "turnip guy" had made me the most fantastic wooden Veggie basket. I love it! ( I had admired the one he brought his turnip donation in) Speaking of turnips if anyone out there feels the overwhelming urge to eat turnips give me a call and I can send some your way! The sex bomb is sneaking them into EVERYTHING and I'm just plain turnip tuckered out.
Daughter 2 starts dance camp today so more dropping off and picking up.
HG just appeared wailing "I'm a lobster" LOL poor guy, he is! Should have used sunscreen.
Never seen anyone so red since the last time the sex bomb thought he'd top up his "white"
Got the Excedrin and the after sun ready for him, I'm good at this being married to a red hottie!

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