Friday, July 25, 2008

Road Rage

I'm so annoyed!
No-one thought to tell me that while I was gone a new Law was introduced?
No talking on cell phones while driving. Has this country gone even more berserk?
Do the powers that be think it's ok for 'bimbos" to slap on a full face of "warpaint" whilst doing 75 on the freeway?
I've seen it, with my own two eyes, on many occasions as they zoom past me (I never do more than 45) vanity mirror down , putting on lipstick! Oh well THAT'S safe.
Or how about having three feral children it the back seat, screaming , throwing random punches and kicking the drivers seat as they try to land a left hook on their siblings chin. Oh well THAT'S safe.
Most importantly though how the hell will I be able to talk to anyone ever again?
The car is my sanctuary as well as my office! I'm going to loose friends and business. I have no time in my day to "pull over" to chat and no I don't want one of those things stuck in my ear to allow me to be hands free!
Speaking of which, how about driving with a Starbucks in one hand whilst juggling a Subway in the other. Oh well THAT'S safe.
How oh how will the country function if all safety issues are addressed?
Women at work sans make-up, no kids at school (or anywhere else for that matter out with walking distance) and a thirsty, ravenous populace who will be forced to eat and drink all day in the workplace (production down to zero) because they can't do it on the move.
Maybe if bad driving, bad manners and bad eyesight were addressed the RTA's would drop considerably.

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