Thursday, June 2, 2011

RAT by Voodoo Kids

Last week, Banjo the "dug" was sniffin and snarfin around the BBQ.
He's never done that before.
My first though was "shit there's something in there!"
I called him in, closed the doors and went to pick up the girls from School.
When we got home I told the girls about Banjos strange behavior.
TCI - Open the grill Mommy!
ME - Nope what if there is a mouse or something in there?
THE GIRLS - aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh
ME- EXACTLY! Wait till SB gets home! ( I actually referred to him as "Daddy" don't want the girls traumatized...)
TCI- Oh MOM! I'll open it
ME- Have at it kiddo!
TCI after a dozen tentative tries and upon my suggestion, got the broom, wedged it under the grill handle and opened the grill. (BRAVE KID)
Nada, zilch, NOTHING!
All three of us burst into hysterical giggles!
Being scared shitless will do that to ya.
Banjo the DAFT DUG!
Yesterday morning.
I'm in the back yard and the "daft dug" is at it AGAIN!
Sniffin and snarfin and jumping and SALIVATING at the BBQ!
So now I'm all balls!
ME( as I march over to the BBQ reaching to open the lid)- Banjo! We've been through this already there's nothing in (opens lid)
Two feckin RATS! Noses a twitchin, tails a waggin, feckin GRINNING at me!
I slammed down the lid and the wee feckers scooted down the inside of the grill ran across the yard over the fence into the neighbors yard with Banjo in hot pursuit.
He didn't get them but has maintained a silent vigil of the BBQ and the fence for the last 24 hrs.
Good boy Banj! You rat hunter you!
Where was Fiddle ( dog No2) during all this Drama?
HIDING in the family room!
Wee shite


Mike said...

Sounds like its time to fire up the BBQ.

lacochran's evil twin said...

I'm with Fiddle. Leave the glory to others.

fiona said...

Mike - It DID cross my mind!
LET- WIMP!! ;0)xx