Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby Come Back by Player

SB is in Asia this week, best place for him.
Downside, I have to cook.
I can cook but choose not to, most of the time.
He on the other hand, well just lets say its like living with Julia feckin Child meets Gordon fuckin Ramsay.
He is a very good cook but oh the trail of devastation he leaves in his wake.
He's a Kitchen ABUSER.
No counter top is safe, the stove is a weak defenseless critter and the copper sink has never had the chance to evolve and Patina, such is his domination over it.
Poor wee sink.
He drips!
Yes he does!
It's nasty...
He abuses the sink and then drips EVERYWHERE!
The floor and cabinets take most of his drippyness - that's not a word, spell check is yelling at me with her rather sexy red dots, do I care? not one JOT!
Whilst I normally partake of delicacies beyond avarice, tonight I'm having frozen Mac and Cheese (microwave) BUT my Kitchen is GLEAMING!
I am surrounded by contented counters, a smiling stove, convivial cabinets, fanciful floors and a SPARKLING sink.
I'm feckin STARVING though!
Hurry back SB, the Kitchen NEEDS YOU!


Amanda said...

I'm the cook around here and I guess, the kitchen abuser too. Thats because whoever cooks in this house doesn't need to clean up. Luckily my husband sticks to simple cooking that leaves no mess for me.

lacochran said...

At least his drippyness is kitchen related.

Bilbo said...

If you make it to Northern Virginia, I'll cook for you if you'll clean the kitchen...and I promise to make Agnes put away the white glove.

Mike said...

I don't think spell checker can operate fast enough when you're posting.