Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Can't Stand The Rain- Ann Peebles

Back to School night last night for WT.
I am delighted to announce, that I got 100% on my 6th Grade China project!
I have to admit, I had a wee advantage over most parents as I had a trial run with TCI a few years ago, so I was prepared this time and knew the standards required to ACE IT!
Neither of my "Mission" buildings ( 4th Grade ) were anything to write home about but when it comes to China I seem to have a real forte. Who knew?
Moving right along.
I've been studying the Water Cycle this week and it's so feckin DEPRESSING!
Think about it.
There you are, one wee droplet of water, hanging out with your droplettes.
Huddling together trying keep cosy overnight in a muddy puddle!
Now! the puddle is obviously of your making because that's your "caste" (No Pacific or Mediterranean for YOU wee droplet!)but why oh why does Miss MUD always feel free to gate crash the party? huh? Because she is a LOSER! Muddy no Mates!
But I digress.
Having rippled the night away (a mild Spring Zephyr decided to join in the shinanigans) the sun begins to rise in the East. Well it would do, that's where it starts work every day.
The heat! the light! You start to rise up towards it! Your evaporating! It's the RAPTURE! wheeeeeeeeeee here I go!
Up up up you go wee droplet...
A bluddy CLOUD!
Cumulus,Stratus, Nimbus, disnae matter a feck, you're stuck, you're a CLOUD!
I reckon how high you fly depends somewhat on Miss Muds infiltration of the "gig" the night before.
BUT you are not alone! More and more wee droplettes are having their dreams shattered too!
It's a gathering of wet idealism.
OH NO, now there are so many of you, PRECIPITATION is rearing it's ugly head and before you know it your RAIN!
Hitting the earth...plop, plop, plop
Back in the puddle for YOU my fine droplet!
And the poor wee feckers have to do it again and again and again.
Now THAT'S Tribulation right there!
Consider the droplet and give the muddy puddle a wee bit reverence the next time you splash through it.
Or not, water is abiotic after all...


AbbotOfUnreason said...

Aye, well, sure, but you could be a pretty little snowflake.

Mike said...

When it comes test time you should just tell the teacher, 'read my blog'.