Monday, May 23, 2011

What Kind of Fool Am I - Sammy Davis

I had a couple of interactions today that I thought were rather amusing...

WT - Mom I need a mute for my Violin
Me - A what?
Me - Oh, ok where will I get one?
WT _ Any of the Music stores, I need it for that long piece we're playing at the Recital on Wednesday night.
Me - That doesn't give me much time to get one, can't you just stop playing?
WT - What? What do you mean "stop playing"?
Me - Well when it's time to use the mute thingy can you not just stop playing?
WT - MOMMY! It changes the TONE it's NOT like the mute button on the TV remote!!
Me - OH!

Going "Mute" shopping tomorrow...DUH!

Earlier at the Ranch chatting with the girlfriends about a Wedding SB and I are attending this coming Friday -

Cowgirl1 - So you all set for the Wedding on Friday?
Me - Yes I am!
Cowgirl1 - What are you wearing?
Me - Sue Wong in champagne and coral
Cowgirl1 - Sue who?
Me - Wong! You need to know your designer Dahling incase your interviewed on the red carpet and they ask who your wearing! *snigger*
Cowgirl2 (obviosly NOT paying attention)- So your dress is by Vera Wang... at Khols?
Me - NO it's by Sue Wong!
Cowgirl2 - Who the fuck is Sue Wong?
Cowgirl1 - Vera Wangs cousin?
Me - aye Sue works fer The Walmart! *sighs*


Mike said...

I'd never heard of a mute either. But that was pretty good to ask her, "Why don't you just stop playing?" Made sense to me!

fiona said...

Thanks Mike! We're both Eejits then huh? lol xx

Bilbo said...

Oddly enough, I knew what a "mute" is...although I only knew that they could be used for trumpets. I've often wished for a mute that I could just stuff in the mouth of annoying people, but I guess that's out of the question unless I visit one of those ... uh ... shops.