Friday, April 3, 2009

Apeman by The Kinks

Since yesterdays post had the most comments EVER, I'll stick to what seems to work, for today anyway!
As a very, very, dear friend of mine said - just the other day actually - "she just ain't right"
This opinion stretches further than the eye can see, in the Horse World or at least my corner of it.
I am actually a totally self opinionated "person" when it comes to our equine friends ( or in NARMS case enemies)
I never anthromorphize ( there's one for ya BILBO!) ever.
It's going to get you into more trouble with your horse than anything else you do.
I hear it all the time ;
My horse loves me
My horse hates me
My horse only likes men
My horse only likes women
My horse is happy
My horse is sad

What a lot of TWADDLE!
These Prey animals have no such thoughts! They can't. It's stupid to think they do.
Here's the reality.

My horse respects my leadership.
My horse has no respect for my leadership.
My horse has been abused by a man ( glances at Narm) at some point in it's life and has a rightful fear of tall humans, humans with deep voices, etc
My horse has been abused by a woman etc etc you get it...
My horse feels good about it's self mentally, emotionally and physically.
My horse feels lonely ( they are herd animals remember), bored and out of shape.

I teach people.
I teach horse psychology to humans.
Not a day goes by when I'm doing my thing, that some "experienced" equestrian looks and listens to my lesson and walks away with that "she just ain't right" expression!
Sure, I could Cowboy up, wear spurs, use a bigger bit, kick harder, pull harder on the horses face BUT brute force and ignorance are things of the past.
It's all changing, slowly but for the better.
For the horse to want to please rather than be forced to perform.
Maintaining the dignity of the animal is paramount in my lessons.
I do groups lessons at a reduced rate!


Mike said...

Depends on what the group leasons are about. I could be out there right away.

I take it you like the movie Horse Whisperer.

lol, I had misspelled horse by leaving out the s. Then I thought no wait that's MY favorite movie.

This is like a mini post for me.

Wv: urscele - wv thinks your scele. I don't know what that means.

Bilbo said...

Ah, Fiona...still horsing around. I could pony up some ideas, but I had a bad experience a few years ago when a man tried to sell me a Quarter Horse. I told him that for the price he was asking, I wanted the whole horse or it was no deal. He hit me. Since then I just watch.

vw: exame - formerly an ame.

LiLu said...

"Twaddle" is my new favorite word of the day.

P.S. Thanks for the arse kickin today. You are so right... I just need to CHILL out!

John said...

You are so right...horses are prey, humans are predators. If you look at how the eyes of animals are set, you can generally tell the difference. Prey--eyes set to the sides and work more independently, predators--eyes to the front and work together.

When my gelding was very young, even though he was very playful and would interact well in the pasture or pen, he wouldn't lower his head to eat or drink when I was standing near. Instinctively, he needed to watch me. Although I had been accepted as the Alpha member of his herd, the natural instict to regard me as a predator when he was most vunerable was still too strong to overcome easily. He did, of course, but it took some time and work.

One thing I've learned in working with's not a good idea to get into a physical match up with them--pushing or pulling is only going to let them know how much stronger they are than you are. Same goes for striking.

I like your is easier to teach humans to understand how a horse thinks than to think that you can teach a horse to understand how a human thinks. I don't even understand how most humans think!

fiona said...

Mike - I'm very flexible...;-)

Bilbo - I'm trying to pinpoint the "horses arse" in this story! lol

Lilu - Your welcome and your welcome.
Come to Cali you can CHILL here!

John - :-) great comment!

lacochran said...


*taps screen* (despite sign that says "Please do not tap screen")

You still bloggin' or what? It's not like you to be so quiet. Hope all is well.