Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Fall To Pieces by Patsy Cline

I'm broken...again.
Don't even ask, suffice to say I'm a big GOWK
I am now "not so proudly" sporting the following;

1. Bruise on left eyebrow resulting in a bluddy KEEKER
No 3 people, my name is NOT Wullie and I do not have a hairy "thingy"

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2. Sprained right wrist
3. Gouge out of right index finger
4. Abrasion to left shoulder
5. Sore neck
6. Sore bum

I feel as though I've gone five rounds with Lennox Lewis and guess who won?
Oh, the shame.
I will NEVER again place a three legged stool on chippie stones, in an attempt to haul my ass up,
to re-arrange the feckin Jasmine plant ( which by the way is looking lovely)

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AbbotOfUnreason said...

when you're dealing with jasmine, you have to watch out for the summer breeze blowing through your mind.

Hope you feel better soon.

lacochran said...

Three legged stool. Got it. Wasn't that horse named Diablo. Right.

Hope you mend quickly.

LiLu said...

At least the plant is still all pretty... you could have taken some of it down with you!

Time for your man to start rubbing those boo boos...

Narm said...

...trying...not to...giggle...must...say something nice...can't...be...mean...

fiona said...

Abbot - Ha Ha Ha and TY...x
LA - Falling off a horse would have been way less humiliating! lol
Lilu - I've not had me Boo - anything
rubbed for quite some time! You might be onto something there!
Narm - I love you too darlin...

moooooog35 said...

"Three-legged stool" was my nickname in college.

"Stool" is the mean part.

Mike said...

Do you realize how hard you have to work at hurting yourself that much from falling off a dinky little stool?

Bilbo said...

I'd offer to kiss it and make it better, but there are just too many "its" in too many awkward places. Get well soon. And stay off three-legged stools. I will send you some other stool samples from which you may select one that may be better for you.

fiona said...

Moog - Why do I believe you? *sighs*

Mike - I give 110% to EVERYTHING I do

Bilbo - Mmmwwwahhh, I'll just kiss you...easier that way.
I await the "stool samples" with baited breath!

Amanda said...

Oh My! I hope your bruises heal quickly.

Apart from 3 legged stools, also avoid four legged plastic ones. You can fall right through them! I know this but didn't have as many injuries as you.