Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lets Dance by David Bowie

SB and I took Scoot to the Library today.
It's taken almost 14 years but at long last Scoot has moved "slightly" away from Noddy videos and other UK tots TV shows ( how he remembers them beats me as he was just turned 4 when we moved to the US )to SPIDERMAN!
Onywie, as we were driving along we spotted a waving green Pickle.
There it was, outside a restaurant, waving.
Waving one hand.
Waving one hand, in the style of Queen Lizzie II of England (I of Scotland!.)

Dan in Pickle Costume Pictures, Images and Photos

SB - That's a pathetic Pickle.
Me - Yep, it could at least move both it's arms.
SB - I suppose it's tryin tae be kindae a Royal Pickle.
Me - Aye but it's no very animated fer a Pickle
SB - If I was a Pickle I'd be movin ma feet. I think Pickles should dance.
Me - Aye, they should!
SB - Noo a burger on the ither hand widnae dance.
A burgers kindae sedentary.
But no a pickle. A pickle wud be gettin doon wi it's bad self!
Me - Maybe ye should apply fer the job!
SB - A Prancin Pickle!
Me - There ye go!


John said...

maybe you should apply for the dancing pickle!

fiona said...

John - I would be a "country" version! Is the world ready for Fi-pickle? lol

Mike said...

I read about the pickle. But when I pulled up your blog the picture didn't come up. I had to click on it and do a 'show picture' to see it. I now regret doing that.

Wv: bansi - A warrior that is no longer allowed to practice his trade.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Ahem, that's Queen Lizzie II and I young lady.

Amanda said...

Wow....pickle royalty huh?

They have a lot of those...what do you call them? Things like the pickle you saw...with people inside. Dress up drinks, fruits, etc.....
AND they always look grubby and scary. Aaron is always running the other way when they pop out.

lacochran said...

A pickle doing the royal wave. Love it!

There is someone who wears a chicken outfit outside a chicken place, of course, not so far from here but it is the most bedraggled looking chicken costume you've ever seen. Old and ratty looking. Makes me wonder if that's how their chicken is.

Mmmmm, stringy.

fiona said...

Mike - Put you off pickles for life?

Abbot - A couples of Drams are to blame! Correction made and TY for the "young" ;-)

Amanda - I have no idea if there is a name for them? lol The ones who lurk and then pop are scary, I agree with Aaron on that!

LA - Hmmm a "salmonella" suit.