Thursday, April 30, 2009

Have A Drink On Me by AC/DC

On route to Tahoe, WT insisted we play the ABC game.
You know, everyone takes a turn and names an animal beginning with a letter through the alphabet.
A - alligator
B - bear etc,etc

After about half an hour of this, interspersed with a couple of I Spy's, I suggested ABC's of girls names, then boys names, then store names.
WT wanted to do school names and so we continued.
Having exhausted our limited imaginations SB decided we should do Cocktails!
He landed the E and came up with Elephant, yeah right ( feckin cheating with an "animal"answer)
The rest of us took our turn and SB got J.
SB - Jumping Jehosaphat! Now there's a grand name fer a cocktail!

Last night SB asked me if I would like a drink ( A village somewhere obviously missing it's idiot)
He offered me an "Elephant"
Hmmm rather tasty.

elephant Pictures, Images and Photos

His Elephant apparently consists of Vodka , Creme De Cassis and lemonade.
(Unfortunately he's one of those bartenders who twitters crap and thinks he's being funny.)
Having slurped through my Elephant and feeling quite relaxed in a " I do so enjoy an Elephant now and again" kinda way, SB asked if I would like to try a Jumping Jehosaphat?
Me- What's in that?
SB - I dinnae ken yet!
Me - I'll pass
Alchemy at it's best, he started mixing "stuff" and mumbling.
He tasted his concoction and began grinning. ( At least that's what it looked like )
SB - Oh, Oh you've got tae try this!
Me - *sighs* and *sips* and WTF?
SB - Good eh?
Me- WTF is in it?
SB - Well, ye see it's the same as an Elephant but ye add some Brandy!

A Jumping Jehosaphat WILL do this to you!

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Aye good old SB
As a failure he's a great success!


lacochran said...

I know it's TMI Thursday and all but I never thought you'd be telling us about slurping SB's elephant.

How will I ever be simple again?

Mike said...

Recipe? We don't need no stinkin' recipe! That would be like opening the box to put something together and reading the stinkin' directions!!

Mike said...

It says - Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval.

Is that true?

Mike said...

Damn! There it is AGAIN!

fiona said...

LA - You won't!

Mike - ? LMAO

Christina_the_wench said...

SB has an elephant?!? You lucky woman, you.

LiLu said...

I am so making elephants tonight.

I'll let you know...

Bilbo said...

Try a shot of the bourbon called "Old Card Table" - it's guaranteed to make your legs fold up under you.

vw - dentadi: the evil cabal of dentists at the center of the next Dan Brown thriller.

Mike said...

We did have a drink on you. You owe us 1400 crowns. UfleckU has been had.

Anonymous said...

All us girls should be so lucky.