Monday, May 4, 2009

This Has Got To Stop by Van Morrison

Saturday night we headed out to the Greek Theater in Berkley to see Van the Man.
There it is! (look down ya eejit) The Greek Theater. Lovely Jubbely venue.

Greek Theater in Berkley Pictures, Images and Photos

It had been raining all day but the evening turned out quite warm and balmy.
We parked the car.
To park!
SB was whining about needing to "go potty" so we headed over to a couple of Porta Peepoops.
He went in one and I - checking the "vacant" sign first, as you do - I swung open the door of the other one.
Some guy in there going peepee! Why didn't he lock the friggin door?

Me - *screech* ( remember I do not possess the scream gene )

I couldn't take off running, I had to wait for SB!
The door opened and the peepee guy came out.
PPguy - There ya go, I'm done.
Me - Oh, ok, ehmmm thanks
PPguy - You didn't miss much anyway!
Call it nerves, call it hysteria, call it what you will, I started to cackle and I mean CACKLE like a feckin demented witch.
I cackled all the way through my ablutions and was still pretty high pitched when I was through.
Out I came only to find SB staring at me all wide eyed and concerned.
SB - What the hell happened?
Me - Ach I just met some auld guy takin a pee ( all nonchalant like )
SB - WHAT? Ye were screechin and cackin like a bluddy loony!
Me - Aye that would be me!

We arrived at the theater entrance and got in line - the line looked like this -
senior Pictures, Images and Photos

I had been to the Salon on Friday for a "cut and colour" so I stood out a wee head of auburn in a sea of Grey.
AND everyone with the exception of us had brought along Tush cushions...WTF happened to dancing? HUH ?
I do not like getting old!
More to follow on the "senior" gig crowd.
Have to say though, Van Morrison was sublime...


Amanda said...

Ha! Ha! I've never been in one of those Porta Peepoops. Always think that they're going to topple over and swing open. Then I'll be the subject of somebody's cackling!

fiona said...

Amanda - I would NEVER cackle if you toppled over a Porta P!
LMAO just thinking about it ;-)

Mike said...

I hate using those nasty things. I feel the need to disinfect myself afterwards.