Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Have I told You Lately by Van Morrison

16 years ago today I entered willingly into a life sentence.
No parole.
No reduction in "time" for good behavior.
No appeals.
Yes darlings, today, 16 years ago, is the day I said "I do"
Actually it probably sounded more like " hmmmsniffdusobsniff"
I was VERY emotional!
SB was his usual cool, calm and collected self, sporting a shitty green colored suit that he'd bought for a Funeral five years earlier. It almost still fitted him.
I was decked out in pink. Pink, me, it doesn't get much uglier than that!
Here we still are though, together and happy as sand boys! ( WTF is a sand boy?)
What has sustained us through good and bad, rough and smooth,
thick and thin ( him thick, me thin!) sickness and health?
Only one thing, if ye ask me!
SB makes me laugh.
Every day.
No exceptions.
And the funniest thing of all?
I love the Eejit!
This is "our" song. Ahhh NOW the concert makes sense huh?

Just in case I haven't...I luv you baby!


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John said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you!

fiona said...

Bilbo & John - Thanks guys ;-)