Sunday, May 17, 2009

Go Brave by Farmer Nappy

I was catching up on some blog reading and The Abbot
got me thinking about Braveheart ( The movie )
SB and I boycotted it for 10 years!
Mel Feckin Gibson is why!
You have to understand that William Wallace is a National Hero.
The historical inaccuracies in the movie would have had Willie turning in his grave!
Everything, from attire, to people yet to be born.
See, I can call William Wallace "Willie" THAT'S how close we are!
Then, to add insult to injury, in 1997, "we" were informed that a statue of Willie was to be placed outside the Wallace Monument.
Behold the beautiful Wallace Monument -


The crowds gathered for the unveiling ceremony
All through Scotland people marked time in excited anticipation.
The country was roused, as it eagerly awaited the new tribute to it's Hero.
The Veil came off!
Yes it did.
And what did it reveal?
Mel FECKIN Gibsons PUS!
( the book cover should give you the word definition ;-)
The Wallace Monument was desecrated! Click on the link, the photo is clear and you NEED to see me...
The work of sculptor Tom Church, was the cause of much controversy and one local resident stated that it was wrong to "desecrate the main memorial to Wallace with a lump of crap"
Go local Scottish resident!
In 1998 the statue was vandalised by someone who smashed the face in with a hammer.
Go Scottish vandal!
After repairs were made, the statue was encased in a cage at night to prevent further vandalism. This has only incited more calls for the statue to be removed as it now appears that the Gibson/Wallace figure is imprisoned; an irony, considering that the statue bears the word "Freedom" on the plinth.
Hollywood? Hollywood!
I will consume a whole Haggis, drink a bottle of Talisker and THEN fart in your face!
WOW I'm so "BRAVE" sometimes, must be in the genes, huh?


Mike said...

Hey, don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

LiLu said...

"I will consume a whole Haggis, drink a bottle of Talisker and THEN fart in your face!"

I am rubbing off on you...

fiona said...

Mike - don't I always? ;-)

Lilu - You ARE! Your making me naughty ;-)

Amanda said...

I had completely forgotten about that movie. So why did you end up watching it?

Alyssa said...

"The historical inaccuracies in the movie would have had Willie turning in his grave!"

That can be said of any "historical" movie. 99% of the time, a film that is supposed to provide insight to an historical event will contain no real facts, outside of names, and they don't even get THOSE right the majority of the time.

If you have ever wanted to know about the gunfight at the OK Corral, watch the movie "Tombstone," and take the OPPOSITE of everything you learned.

Rant = over.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

I like Stirling Castle so much better than Edinburgh Castle, but the gift shops in Stirling were full of Mel junk. One of them (at least around 2002/2003) even had a big cardboard cut out of him that you could get your picture taken with. Buh.

Your readers who might be in the Baltimore area can visit a less-Mellified Wallace statue at Druid Park.

lacochran said...

Good for you! Make sure you clean the hammer well so there's no residual plaster!