Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yessir Thats My Baby by Count Basie

As I always say "Life's too short for vegetables"
I say that - A Lot.
I have no idea why...
My dearies, this week "life" has just been too short, period.
WT has gone full blown Thespian, WT to FBT?
Hip Hop classes continue as do recitals ( Great America Theme Park in San Jose last Saturday THAT was a "cheap" day out! ) costume purchases, extra classes for the big summer production and she's also started a Jazz Class.
Oh, and let us not forget the Violin Classes and recitals combined with her decision to enter the School Talent Contest ( this Friday) doing the now infamous Hoedown Throwdown!
I can't keep up with her!
I'm OLD!
WTF business did I have BREEDING at 36 years old? HUH?
I blame SB - It was the opening game of the World Cup 1998 Scotland v's Brazil
SB took one for the team!
The result?
SB and John Collins ...what a pair.

They both scored ...on a penalty...*sighs*
WT, what can I say?
I honestly thought, this one's gonna look like me!
The other two were there dads double.
I was going to call her Riosin ( Gaelic for Rose/Rosie)
C-section later out she popped!
SB lookielikie...grrrrrrrrrrrrr how does he DO that?
No Riosin there, so quickie name change to Niamh.
FYI Riosin = Rowsheen, Niamh=Neeve Ooooops, WT, what am I thinking? lol
Long rambling short.
WT is her dads double, BUT she's her mum 100%!
It sings, it dances, it takes front stage at EVERY opportunity.
WT? Rosie? no matter - DATS ma gal!


Anonymous said...

no comment - just watch and learn

Mike said...

"BREEDING at 36"

So WT can remind you how old you are. BTW, I have some friends that had their last kid when she was 48. So WT still has a chance not to be the youngest.

LiLu said...

Life IS too short for vegetables. Well said, my love :-)

Amanda said...

She sounds so busy! Is is the same for boys? All that activity and cash outlay???? :)

lacochran said...

There's a connection between sports and sex?

This explains a lot.

fiona said...

Anon - Bare bums? LMAO

Mike - STOP IT! If there are more then all I can say is "Hello Gabriel, I'm Mary" !!

Lilu - ;-)

Amanda - Ehmm yes? ;-)

LA - So it would seem luvie, so it would seem...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good post, most thoughtful