Friday, May 8, 2009

Your Mother Should Know by The Beatles

Mothers Day is a royal pain in the bahooky.
Mothers Day in the UK was March 22nd.
Find a Mothers day card in the USA in March and I'll put you on my Christmas list!
Every feckin year "the mums" go all numpty because we didn't send a card, in March.
If I was a good daughter I'd buy cards here, in May and post them the next year, in March.
But I'm not a very good daughter and my mum would support me 100% on this.
I was a precocious child, a teen horribilis and it's been downhill ever since.
My "Punk" years in the 70's almost killed the poor soul.
Practicing the POGO in my bedroom was banned following some slight ceiling plaster incident.
This meant Pogo practice in the garage.
She somehow thought my Dad could "manage" my Dying Fly moves by yelling (somewhat hysterically)
"F**deeeeeeeeeeeeee she's dae'n that dead flee thing again!"

Dying Fly Pictures, Images and Photos

My actually leaving the house on Summer evenings, when it was still light out, was what really put her over the edge.
Three cans of Hairspray resulted in a great Siouxie Sioux lookielikie!
( Actually the only time in my life that my hair "worked" )
Enough black Khol to make me look like a negative.

punk rock Pictures, Images and Photos

My wardrobe, ah yes...
The woman had no feckin clue how many painstaking hours were spent ripping and safety pinning! It was a bluddy ART!
Weekends were the worst.

Mum - Please F?
Me - Whaaaaaaaaat?
Mum - Please wait till it gets dark ?
Me - NO!
Mum - Please, please, dinnae go oot till it gets dark?
Me - Mother dear, what on earth is wrong with going out right now? ( or words to that effect)
Mum - Fowk 'll SEE YE!

She never did "get it"
The whole feckin point was that "fowk" WOULD see me...couldn't bluddy miss me!

Since Mum has got herself a PC and I've given her my link
( she's working on figuring out how to maneuver and click the mouse over it)
and she may read this within the next year or so,
I have only this to say
" You did NOT make Anarchy in the UK easy!"
Oh, and your card is in the mail...


Mike said...

I don't know what to say .... except, WE WANT PICTURES!!!!!

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Now that your mother is on-line, you can send her electronic cards!

It looks like and will print a card and send it to your mom in the UK, so they'll likely have cards at the right time.

John said...

And a Happy Mum's Day to you, dearie.

fiona said...

Mike - You know I think I just migh be able to oblige...scanner dependent

Abbot - You are a LIFESAVER...I owe ya one buddy!

John - Thank you darlin! ;-)

Amanda said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Fiona!

And, I'm with Mike....we need pictures!

lacochran said...

No reason to apologize to Mum... she got her revenge when you had kids.

fiona said...

Amanda - Right back at ya!
LA - *sigh* uhuh!