Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eternal Flame by The Bangles

Just a quickie - that's what she said.
Friday night is usually Chinese take out here in the house of B.
This weekend we messed up, Wine? Food? Wine? Food?
Wine won. SURPRISE!
So tonight is Chinese take out. I'm all discombobulated with this change in my OCD life!
SB perusing the menu, decided to google Mongolian BBQ.
Let me tell ya!
On our wee menu it says " Prawns, chicken or beef FLAME KISSED in Mongolian BBQ style"

aside - SB just informed me that he has NEVER had ANYTHING "flame kissed" in his life!
YES I'm offended, wouldn't you be?
I'm sputtering even as I type...
Moving on, in an offended manner.

Mongolian Barbeque according to Wikipedia -
Mongolian barbecue (Chinese: 蒙古烤肉; pinyin: Měnggǔ kǎoròu) is a restaurant style of stir frying meats and vegetables over a large, round, solid iron griddle that is as large as 2.5 m in diameter and can cook at temperatures as high as 300 °C or 572 °F. Originally from Taiwan, it is neither Mongolian nor barbecue.
Neither Mongolian nor Barbecue!
I need a drink...


AbbotOfUnreason said...

You don't have Mongolian BBQ restaurants out there? Now, we're definitely not moving. I love Mongolian BBQ.

It's sort of participatory: you get a bowl and walk along a bar plopping stuff into it and then you hand it to the cook who fries the mess up for you. Good times.

lacochran said...

Time to throw SB down and show him what flame kissing is all about.

Mike said...

"Mongolian BBQ"

I have nothing to say. That little phrase explains itself.

Bilbo said...

Have that drink. As far as I know, the concept of Mongolian Barbecue came from the idea that the fast moving armies of the Mongols (think Ghenghis Khan) didn't want to stop long enough to cook, thereby interrupting time better spent raping and pillaging, and so put their raw meat under their saddles so that the bouncing action and warmth would tenderize and sorta cook it...and the resulting yummy concoction would be eaten from the bowl formed by inverting the warrior's shield. Wikipedia may be right, but I think my version is more interesting. Happy Mothers' Day, dearest Fiona!

Amanda said...

LOL! I never knew that. I don't think I've tried it either....maybe we have, but it would have just been called "meat with sauce" at the local shops here. Their descriptions aren't as fancy :)

fiona said...

Abbot - We HAVE it we just didn't know what it was! lol

LA - "throwing" SB...chiropractor visit imminent (for me) I thank you for the sentiment though ;-)

Mike - Uhu

Bilbo - Thank you darlin!
Should I shove a chunk of raw chicken under my saddle today? Hmmmm cooking dinner as I work...

John said...

First of all I really like Mongolian BBQ.

Secondly, I'm disappointed that neither Mike nor Bilbo commented on the Friday night quickie.

I can understand how not getting your Friday night quickie might have you discombobulated--OCD or not!

LiLu said...

It's good though, right? I LUFF my some Mongolian BBQ.

Just so long as they don't make it out of my kitties...

Mike said...

@John - It's an attention thing John. Since it was the first line of the post by the time I got to the end I'd forgotten about it.

Wv: fingioni - This is when Italians ...... well let's just say it's an Italian thing.