Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Boy(s) are (is) Back In Town by Thin Lizzy

Well my "people" I've had nothing but annoying stuff going on recently - hence the blog hiatus.
Who the hell wants to listen to me whinging?
Tonight was tres provocative though!
No ye dirty buggers!
NOT sexytime.
Holy wee-bee-jeebus, ye cannae get the "quality" readers these know who you are though ;-)
Ahem ( that was me clearing my throat, small pygmy, been rummaging around in there for days, drunk and disorderly)
Provocative! Yes!
Soooo, I have this Face Book thing going on.
Some of you know this and I have to say it's been THE best fun "chatting" LIVE!
I started it because I wanted to (had been trying for the last 20+ years) find my BFF from High School.
I opened an account and guess what?
There he was!
It was truly sublime...
OR in his words " Fuck a I live and breathe...Fiona!"
You can tell he was quite the emotional wreck as regarded the whole reunion.
Took him quite a few days to compose himself, I'm still waiting for the prognosis on the Ferret...
For some reason, known only to my "Dumbledores Pensive" ( check out MIKE, he investigates me, LOL)
I decided to create a "How well do you know me" quiz.
The results have been Provocative
I'm excited, interested, intrigued...
My BFF got things, like my middle name, what I wanted to be when I grew up, historical person I would like to meet etc
It blew me away.
He remembers.
Height, weight , shoe size, not a clue! but the things in my adolescence which were closest to my heart were recalled by him 30 years, my husband, his wife and (too many, lol) beautiful kids later.
That's a pal
That's a buddy
That's a BFF
Have to say though that my GF here came so darned close it was a wee bit freaky! LOL luv ya A!
That's all, happy thoughts bustin through the blogiverse tonight.
OR as Bilbo might say " your probably drunk"


lacochran said...

What a sweet story (drunk or not)! :)

Amanda said...

I just came here from Facebook. Been checking up on all my old school friends too and got the shock of my life when I found out one of my near BFFs has 4 kids already!

Narm said...

That's nothing! You should see how many questions I get right on all the girls I stalk's quizzes.

Mike said...

Myspace, yourspace, facebook, buttbook, twitter, tweetter, twatter .... who can keep up with all this crap. Next thing you know people will actually get together and talk to each other. ...... Na, that's going a little over board.

LiLu said...

Missed you, darlin. And TOO sweet! I have a tooth ache!

Bilbo said...

Well, are you?