Monday, May 25, 2009

I am the very Gilbert and Sullivan

Bathroom re-model, kitchen re-model, bang goes my " new (pert) boobie " fund!
The bathroom is almost finished and the kitchen is due to commence, June 15th.
SB and I went to choose Granite counters, a sink and faucets today.
We were assisted by a lovely "geriatric" sales person, who had as much PC savvy as yours truly!
Even I know, that when you only have 2 PAGES and your looking at page 2, hitting the "next" button, ain't gonna take you anywhere!
He was determined though.
He was clicking that wee mouse, like mice were going out of fashion.
We didn't have the heart to tell him, he was HAPPY!
The problem was, we wanted to buy a copper sink and needed the plug holes!
He couldn't find them.
He was going to call the manufacturer tomorrow.
We came home, I checked online and guess what?
Just as I was reading the page, stating that the sink we had chosen CAME WITH the plug holes, the phone rang.
It was the geriatric, giving us that self same useful piece of information!
Bless his wee heart...
Did you know?
To have some fancy groove on the edge of yer counters costs up to $800!
For a groove!
As you who visit here know, my family were all masons, soooooo I'm thinking it must be in the genes.
A Hammer and Chisel and I should be good to go...


Bilbo said...

Be careful what you make your new counter tops out of. You won't want to be accused of taking them for granite...

Mike said...

"bang goes my " new (pert) boobie " fund!"

Is there going to be a fund raiser?

John said...

SB must be a great guy and you must be a great cook for him to give up the new booby fund for a new kitchen. Of course it could be that the boobs are still in pretty good shape and that the kitchen remodeling was a more pressing issue. (puns intended)

See how you lure me into these kinds of comments...shame on you.

fiona said...

Bilbo - I think I'm still

Mike - Fund raiser for a boobie raiser? GO FOR IT! ;-)

John - *hangs head in shame* ;0)

wc#3 said...

New Boobie Fund???? I've never heard anyone complain about the old ones... I know SB. SB is a friend of mine, and I happen to know he's one of those that might say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it..."


BTW, I still think it's the coolest thing in the world you finally have a mirror in your bathroom!

Wait a minute... mirror appears and now she wants new boobs... you spending too much time in there? No wonder SB resisted installing one for so long!!!