Tuesday, April 15, 2008

cracking ice

For those of you who don't know I managed to crack some ribs whilst Ice-Skating in Tahoe. Last time I tried it I broke my wrist, so why on earth do I continue to punish my old body? At this age I should have a much better awareness of my physical capabilities....you would think! Apparently NOT in my case. You see the problem is, that in many ways ( too many perhaps) my "brain" thinks it's in it's twenties but has yet to convince my body.
It's like when you leap (not literally) out of bed in the morning feeling good and go to wash your face....all bloody downhill from that point on for me! Who is the old "bat" looking back at you with an expression that would sour milk? AND you cannot blame the one in the mirror for the look on it's face, the one looking from the outside has absolutely every right to have a horrified, contorted, "oh good grief is that me" deal going on.
Therein lies the question " am I comfortable in my skin?" No not at all, but hey the way I see it is my skin probably ain't too feckin happy having ME inside it either, so we compromise most of the time until I get near an Ice-Rink.
One of my friends has suggested that I stay on the outside of the rink and man the Video Recorder which on the surface seems a great idea but I think it's going to take time, you see the lure of the Ice is just too much. It's like an addiction, hmmmm perhaps I need professional help?
I will ponder on it, I've got almost a year to address the problem. Any and all suggestions or solutions are most welcome.

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