Friday, April 18, 2008

Innocence Lost

Spent time today with my VERY best friend JJ. Words cannot describe how wonderful she is. For the past couple of years she has been there for me when I'm happy and when I'm sad she never judges me and I know for a fact that she enjoys being with me. She accepts me for who I am and couldn't care less how I look EVER! She has taught me how to look at life in ways that I had forgotten. I'm sure that as a child I woke up each morning with excitement and curiosity wondering what the day would bring instead of, as now, worrying each night about things I need to do the next day. She helps me look at life in a way of most of us have forgotten exists with trust and acceptance. She forgives my mistakes, of which there are many, and never holds them against me. I pray each day that in some way I have enhanced her life as I know she has mine. Each day with her is a gift and I am blessed to have found a friend and a mentor to walk beside me as I travel through. JJ is an 18 year old Morgan mare, pretty much rescued from a Barn in Shingle Springs in 2006. thanks Kyle and Liz for helping me find my soul mate.

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Liz said...

Girl - you are the ones that found each other. I remember you finding that knowing look in her eye and her being brave enough to risk showing it to you!